About to become Avery’s mom

Hello family, friends and world! For those who don’t know me or need a refresher I’m Sheena…28 years old and about to become a mom for the first time in the next few days. As I was sitting here reading another blog I thought I should start my own blog about the journey of parenthood and to create a blog for those near and far who don’t get to see or talk to us on a daily basis. Being pregnant has taught me so much already and part of me wishes I’d come up with this idea sooner to document the good, the bad, and the lessons I’ve learned while being pregnant. I think some of those points I’ll need to address so no one runs into the same issues I’ve had. I was thinking back to all the experiences I’ve had while being pregnant and thought how great it would have been if I’d documented it sooner. 
Although I’m about to be a first time mom in a few days I’m also a mom to four dogs. I know we are crazy dog people but we aren’t dog hoarders! Let me take the next section to introduce my family since they will play a key part in this blog.

Me: I was born in August am a Virgo and like long walks on the beach…oh wait this isn’t a dating ad. I was raised in San Diego and moved to Missouri for college (I know your wondering why, everyone always is). I wanted a change and spent my summers in Missouri so the choice made sense. I had a love/hate relationship with my time in Missouri. Hated the humid summers and cold winters but I loved the experiences I had in Missouri which shaped me to who I am today and I loved Missouri because that is where I met my husband, Chad and where we started our life together with three of our four dogs. We moved to Arizona in 2008, bought a house in 2009, got married in 2010, got pregnant in 2011 and adopted our fourth dog, and in 2012 we are becoming first time parents.

Chad: This is my husband who I am so lucky to be married to. We met back in 2005. Originally he tried setting me up with his best friend but I had my eyes on him. We had our first date the night before his 22nd birthday. We watched The Notebook and I proceeded to sob on his shoulder. Strangely enough that did not  scare him away. One thing that attracted me to Chad was how similar our lives were and we had a lot of the same interest in College. Through the years we’ve both changed but it hasn’t torn us apart. Once we moved to Arizona Chad became OBSESSED with UFC/MMA fighting. Chad probably knows more about the sport than me. jk…but it is def the other love of his life. I’m excited to see Chad as a dad I think he will do wonderful and fall head over heels for Avery.

Roxie: Roxie is our oldest dog who we got in 2006. We originally had another dog, Ally who sadly was hit by a car. At the time Roxie was between 10-12 weeks old. She was a only dog for about 6 or so months. Roxie is a Basset Hound/Miniature Dachshund. Chad’s dad kept having puppies which is how we obtained Roxie. She is our most social dog and loves attention and is probably the best behaved dog.

Addie- When we decided Roxie needed a friend we decided to get one of her sister’s since Chad’s dad had another litter of puppies. This is how we ended up we three dogs. Chad fell in love with Addie and thought a white dog would be better since we already had Roxie who was black. Addie was the cutest puppy and so chubby. I think Addie will do best with a baby because she is the easiest going. Addie love to chase tennis balls but is afraid of big dogs.
Addie as a puppy

Bailey- So the reason we had 3 dogs for the longest time was because of Bailey. When picking a dog out we were set on Addie but Bailey kept curling up to me and following me around. I had to have her and felt like if we didn’t get her Bailey and I would both be heartbroken. As we debated on which dog to get Chad’s step mom suggested taking them both and so that’s what we did. I loved having two puppies at once but it was a lot of work and I’d never do it again. We refer to Bailey as our most expensive dog. At about 10 weeks old she almost died when she took a huge fall off the couch. She was in the emergency vet for a few days and in an incubator while she recovered. It was a close call but luckily she pulled through. She’s always been my baby. Bailey is now known as our laziest dog. Most of our friends love Bailey because she loves to cuddle and is always lounging around.

Cooper- So after three dogs your probably wondering how and why we wold take on a fourth dog? At some point I kept saying what’s one more? Plus It was a dream of mind to have 4 dogs but never thought it was realistic. In 2011 I was volunteering at an animal shelter and after a ton of begging convinced Chad to let me foster a dog. We agreed the dog had to be small and a similar breed to our current dogs. A few days later Cooper came to the shelter and we fostered him. When we first got Cooper he was scared of men and very skiddish. I think he is a min pin/chihuahua mix.  He became super attached to me. We knew he would be a temporary dog in our home until he found his own home. However, he was so attached to me that a few days before his first adoption I bawled. Chad knew this would happen and we agreed to adopt him. He is def the baby of the family. He will be the most interesting in regards to how he acts with a baby in the house. The few times we’ve had kids in the house he hasn’t done super well but hopefully having an infant we can teach him to like babies and teach her to respect him.

When we first got Cooper

So this is my family! We are about to add baby Avery to the mix and am excited that our family is growing and interested to see how the dogs handle a baby in the house. I know they say dogs take a back seat once a baby is in the picture but hopefully they will adjust and will love Avery as much as they love us. I’m sure more stories to come on that.

Our lives are about to change and while I’m excited I’m also nervous. What if we screw up? What if a baby complicates our easy going marriage? What if we never get to vacation anymore? What if the dogs are aggressive towards her? I haven’t really thought about any of these issues but as April 18th (my scheduled c-section) approaches I can’t help but start questioning things. Anyways, our lives are about to be flipped upside down but it will be interesting to see what happens and all the good and bad I’ll make sure to blog about!


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