The Perfect Baby Room

In under 48 hours I will be a mom which is so crazy to me. I feel like everyone has been saying for the last month or so “Oh I bet your ready for her to be here” I never really felt that way until last night. Of course, i’m excited to meet little A but at the same time she hasn’t been a burden to me or anything. The past week or two the backaches have gotten bad but last night was the breaking point for me. I had really bad heartburn which has been happening for a while. I usually take some heartburn relief and I’m fine. Last night at 1:20 am I was full on throwing up from the heartburn. It was awful. So needless to say I am ready for Avery and luckily I only have 46 hours till she is with us. 

Anyways, I’m excited to get Avery home and for us to finally use her nursery we’ve worked so hard on creating. It’s interesting because for all the time, effort, and money we spent on her room it feels kinda bare. I have some ideas for the walls but I need to wait till she is here! Her bedroom is my favorite part of our house it’s so peaceful and calm in her room. I think the challenge I ran into when I was going over decorating ideas for her room is that I refused to have pink, purple or pastels in her room. I’m not super girly and I wanted a room that was simple so we could change it easily in a few years once she can vocalize how she wants her room to be. I wanted a simple yet sophisticated baby room. I originally wanted her room to be lime green and black but once I found a bedding set on clearance that was chocolate brown and sage green we went that route. 

So here is a breakdown of her room (for those who haven’t seen it)

The crib- I don’t know what the bigger decision was the crib, the bedding or the mattress? The thing with the crib is we found our dream crib at Target but it was sold out across the state and then I think was discontinued. It was hard to move on from that crib but eventually I found the alternative. I wanted espresso and this seemed to be the best fit for us. 

A friend told me that Babies-R-Us is a great place to find bedding sets on clearance. We got ours for 69.99 but it was missing a sheet which wasn’t a huge deal to us.

I don’t have a picture of our mattress but this is the one we went. 

We also decided her room needed curtains. Granted the ones we went with don’t really go with the rest of her room but I loved them enough to not care.

Next we bought storage for her room (I guess this is what you’d call it) along with the canvas storage boxes. We also found this cute lamp at Wal-Mart and thought it was perfect for her room

The bedding in the crib (for the record I ended up taking the bumpers out of her crib since they can lead to suffocation

At our baby shower my sister-in-law got Avery these cute blocks which we currently have displayed. I really like the blocks because they add a splash of some new colors.

We had this over sized chair in our bedroom and decided to bring it to Avery’s room. I thought a glider chair would be better but after we no longer used it then I couldnt think how we could incorporate it into our house so this chair made more sense.

We also created this name frame I saw on pinterest. It was an ordeal to create the name frame. I had a picture but no directions on how to make it. It proved to be a frustrating project but it got easier once we stopped trying to nail everything into the wall. I also thought the paper lanterns were a cute and inexpensive decoration for her room

More lanterns

Finally we bought a dresser for her closet and spruced it up by adding hardware to it.


We have some shelves we still want to put up but that may not happen before Wednesday. For now we’ve opted out of buying a changing table more or less because we have a two story house and as she gets older I dont see myself dragging her upstairs to change her diaper. We did buy a changing table mattress which is currently on top of the dresser. Eventually if I find it necessary I can buy a changing table.  It’s a simple room but I love everything about it and I can’t wait for Avery to sleep in her crib and love her room as much as I do!


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