Three weeks into this parenting thing…

Today Avery turned 3 weeks old! It’s crazy how quickly time has gone by. My hope was to update the blog more often and share everyday stories about Avery (Assuming there was any) but I’ve been slacking so I’ll re-cap the highlights of the past three weeks. 

1. Avery’s first doctors visit- This appointment occurred when was 5 days old. She lost almost a pound from her birth weight. She was born 7 pounds 11 ounces and at the appointment was 6 pounds 14 ounces. She also had a slight case of jaundice (pic below shows the jaundice in her face). For those not familiar with jaundice the simple explanation is yellow in the skin. The doctor was concerned with the weight loss so we had to start supplementing with formula to help bring her weight up and to help eliminate the jaundice. Avery also had to start sunbathing 3 times a day for 20 minutes. No worries she was never in direct sunlight. She hung out in front of a window for sun. This first appointment also marked the first time Avery peed on Chad. As we were taking her clothes/diaper off to get weighed Avery peed all over the place…including on Chad’s shirt.  

2. Shitpocalypse 2012- One fear I had with becoming a mom was changing diapers. Not the glamorous part of motherhood and I wasn’t sure if it would make me throw up when she would have a  poopy diapers. However, I had the opposite reaction and began to panic when Avery hadn’t pooped in 3 days. I  called the doctors and the nurse told me to call back if she still hadn’t pooped in a week. An entire week??? That seemed so long and so uncomfortable. I think the worst part about Avery being constipated was so many times I thought she was pooping. Her face would turn red and she would grunt. Each diaper changing I found myself hoping for her sake that she had a dirty diaper. At one point I remember saying I would  jump for joy when it finally happened. Well it finally happened and there was no jumping for joy.

It was another casual Saturday night and I started to change her diaper when I realized she had pooped! I was happy until I realized the poop was out of her diaper and onto her stomach, back, and on her cute white outfit she was wearing. I called Chad to come see this and together we changed our first real poopy diaper. What a disaster! Her entire diaper was covered and we had no idea how to tackle this diaper. We knew her outfit had to come off sine it was covered in poop. We tried so hard not to let poop get on her as we took her outfit off but we failed miserably. Avery ended up covered in poop head to toe…literally poop everywhere. I was thankful shitpocalypse happened when Chad was home. I don’t know how I would have handled that situation by myself. The worst part was I was completely useless because I found the whole situation amusing . I couldn’t stop laughing and thankfully Chad stepped it up and took control of the situation. Needless to say neither of us really have a fear of changing diapers after that catastrophe. 

3. Throwing up- We’ve covered peeing and pooping why not add a throwing up story to the mix. So before Avery was born Chad had this theory that all babies did was throw up. I kept telling him I was pretty sure that wasn’t ALL they did and it turns out I was right. However, the first time Avery did throw-up/spit up was on my watch. I had just finished feeding her and started burping her when I felt a wetness on my shoulder. Avery had spit up on my shoulder and in my hair. It’s amazing how things that used to gross me out (throwing up/poopy diapers) don’t seem to phase me anymore. I’m sure this stance will change as smells come to play but for now I am not bothered by these things.

4. Avery’s first outings- We couldn’t keep this cutie locked up forever so at one week and three days we took her to Target. I found Target to be an appropriate place for her first outing since it’s one of my favorite places. As we walked in I told Avery how she too will love Target when she is older. The experience was pretty uneventful as Avery slept through the entire trip. Avery’s first outing at a restaurant was Qdoba which we also found to be very appropriate. She also slept through that too.

5. Tummy time- At 5 days old I learned about tummy time and decided we needed to start with tummy time early. Our first tummy time experience went well. She was able to scoot herself across her mat. We’d like to think she’s advanced but I’m sure it helped that the mat is slippery. Avery has a love/hate relationship with tummy time. Well how about she will tolerate tummy time sometimes or she hates it. However, she is strong girl and can already lift her head and turn it from one side to the other. She also can lift a leg and really tries to do something but not sure what. Again, we’d like to think she is advanced for her age. I love tummy time when she tolerates it. When she hates it she screams and screams and screams and then I just want tummy time to end.

Avery’s first tummy time experience

6. Avery’s Second Dr’s Appointment- This occurred this Monday. The good news is that Avery gained a pound in two weeks. She now weighs 7 lbs 14 ounces which the doctor was very pleased with! Her jaundice is also gone and she didn’t pee on Chad. She is a healthy little baby!

I’m sure there are other things that have happened in the past three weeks but I can’t think of any other noteworthy stories. So I’ll end this blog with a few more pictures of Avery.

During Avery’s first bath at home I learned she is obsessed with staring at herself. Anytime she can see herself in a mirror she will stare. I am going to assume she got her love for herself from Chad. He is pretty vein.


This picture is from her 1 week photo shoot I did. The goal is every few weeks to update the picture and to put the hat back on her. Eventually she will fit into the hat. Plus the hat is adorable


I love this last picture. The great thing about Avery is her hands are naturally in a pose when she sleeps.



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