You scream, I scream but it’s not for ice cream!

These past few days in my house have been rough. Our sweet Avery has become our screaming Avery. It started last Saturday night she screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. It was rough nothing would calm her down. I turned to the interweb and was reminded of the 5 S’s to calm a baby. If your a new parent you probably are familiar with this but I had never heard of it prior to parenthood. These are 5 techniques to use to calm a fussy baby. For future mom’s I feel obligated to share this so you are familiar with it.

The 5 S’s 

1. Swaddle your baby

2. Side/Stomach position- Holding or laying babies in a side/stomach position can help a fussy baby. However, never allow a baby to sleep on their stomach since it is linked to SIDS

3. Shushing Sound- The louder you shush the better. This has become my favorite technique. With all the screaming it’s helped me stay sane by shushing as loud as I can.

4. Swinging- Either place baby in a swing, rock the baby, anything that causes the baby to move helps soothe the baby

5. Sucking- My other favorite technique. I don’t know where we would be in life without a pacifier.

Anyways, eventually she fell asleep when we combined swaddling, shushing and sucking. It was a rough night. Things improved Sunday and Monday but today has been the worst day yet. We did learn thanks to my brother and sister-in-law that Avery is probably going through a growing spurt. We increased Avery’s food consumption and it helped with the fussiness until today. No amount of food, sleep, or diaper changes have cheered her up. The only time I’ve been able to keep her from screaming is if we lay together and I can’t sit or lay all day and hold her. It was a rough day and I mentally and physically drained from the screaming. We finally got her to fall asleep but I’m ready for this growth spurt to end. I miss my happy go lucky Avery.

Sometimes I think I don’t have the patience for a baby and today was one of those days that tested me. Just like I want to build up to Avery crying it out to fall asleep I think I need to sometimes cry out the frustrations of not being able to console her. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for my sanity or I may need to go back to work sooner than later!

Anyways, a few pictures to end this post on a positive note.

Avery and I after she FINALLY fell asleep.


My new favorite picture of Avery…as a princess


One thought on “You scream, I scream but it’s not for ice cream!

  1. Do you have one of these things?:
    I don’t know if you want to spend money, but I know when my cousin’s baby was doing the screaming thing, this was one of the things that was a lifesaver. Also, driving around really helps, but then they start screaming when you’re at a red light so I don’t know if you would want to do that or not lol.

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