I could never be a photographer!

On Friday Avery turned a month old. I can’t believe she is already a month old it really feels like just yesterday I was having my c-section and my legs were the size of a 300 pound person, no seriously they were huge! I was super excited to mark the one month milestone because my cousin sent me these stickers to document each month so my plan was to do a photo shoot like I did when she turned a week old. However, as luck would have it Avery was in a cranky mood and the pictures aren’t what I had in mind. While I’m glad she loves her pacifier I didn’t imagine the pacifier being in the pictures. Hopefully this gets easier as she gets older but I guess its good I’m able to capture her being her cranky self. Some of the pictures turned out hilarious since I captured her mid scream. I’ve learned its tough to be a baby. 

My new favorite game is to mimic Avery’s crying. Partially because her crying is so ridiculous sounding at times. I also have her crying pattern down and sometimes it makes her stop crying. She is a tad bit dramatic and even quivers her lip at times. It’s only a matter of time before she starts the pouty lip.  Here are a few Avery pictures from the 1 month old photo shoot





This is one of my favorite pictures of her!


I think by month 2 she will be as big as the laundry basket.


Such a sweet and tired face


One of the many crazy faces she made during the photo shoot.


My sweet little baby


All about Avery at one month old


Avery is not happy!


She loves her mommy!


Avery staring up at the paper lanterns in her room



One thought on “I could never be a photographer!

  1. I literally started crying as I scrolled through these! Avery is so beautiful! There is no denying who her parents are. She looks just like you and Chad.

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