Times have changed…

Last night Chad, Avery and I were hanging out when suddenly I smelled something. That’s right Avery had pooped and it was coming out of her diaper. I got up and took Avery upstairs to change her diaper. Chad made a comment about how I’ve grown up since College and reminded me of a situation from College. So while we lived in Missouri we hung out with our friends Matt and Angie and their son Colvin who was maybe 2 years old at the time. One night we went to dinner with them and on the car ride to the restaurant Colvin drooled all over me which grossed me out. In hindsight it’s funny that drool would ever gross me out since I now get drooled on, spit on, pooped on (well technically I haven’t been pooped on…yet) and whatever else Avery has done to me. It’s funny how a baby changes you in regards to small stuff like that. I’m glad to see a little drool doesn’t freak me out anymore. haha.

So this week Avery turns 7 weeks old. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. I also am sad to report next week is my final week of maternity leave. At the time being on bed rest seemed like a good idea since my legs were soooo swollen but now that Avery is here I would rather have 12 weeks with her instead of the 8 and 1/2 I’m going to get. The good thing is we found a great in home daycare she will be going to and I feel confident she is going to receive a lot of love during the day. I’ve been taking her once a week for a few hours to daycare to help her and I adjust from being away from each other. It’s been going well for both of us but I think the real test for me will be when I return to work. Going an entire day without my sweet baby is a completely different thing then a few hours.

I love this new stage in Avery’s life. When she is awake she is happy and smiling a lot, fascinated by everything, very alert, and growing so quickly. In a week and half Avery has her 2 month doctor appointment. I’m interested to see how much weight she has gained and to see how the doctor says she’s developing since Chad and I think she’s advanced for her age. 

Speaking of advanced this week Avery reached a milestone. On Monday I put her down for tummy time and she rolled from her stomach to her back. It happened almost immediately so I thought  maybe it was the way I layed her down on her mat. I put her on her stomach again and she rolled over again. Granted she hasn’t done it since Monday but I am still really proud of her. She also can lift her head when on her stomach for minutes at a time. 

Life with Avery is wonderful and I can’t wait for the day she can give me a hug and kiss on her own! 

Some pictures of sweet Avery


Fascinated by her mobile



Mommy (looking awful) and Avery





2 thoughts on “Times have changed…

  1. She’s a doll. Got your announcement yesterday and the pictures are great!! Mommy looks just fine, too. It’s a look you become accustomed to because Avery takes some of the time you used to have for yourself. But it’s worth it.

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