Two months in and we have the perfect baby!

It’s been a few weeks and boy does a few weeks make a difference when you have a baby! First off, our sweet Avery turned 2 months old earlier this week. I’m not sure at what age babies start sleeping through the night but Avery is on week 2 of sleeping through the night. One night I decided we should try putting her to bed later and see if she would sleep through the night. Turns out she will sleep through the night. Her bedtime started between 11 and 11:30 and she would sleep till 5 am. However, the other night I put her to bed at 10 and Chad had to wake her up at 7 am. Perhaps she is going through a growth spurt but we love sleeping through the night and hope it continues. My hope is we can slowly start taking her to bed earlier and earlier. 

This week my maternity leave ended and I started back to work on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure how I would handle being away from Avery all day. It was hard but all things considered I think I did great. Here are a few things that have made the transition back to work smooth. Once we found a daycare provider we set up an agreement to where I could bring Avery by once a week for a few hours. It was nice for appointments but it really helped me adjust to being without her in small dosages. The daycare provider also texts me several times a day with updates and pictures of Avery. It seems like everytime I start to really miss Avery a new picture is sent to me and seeing her happy and smiling face def helps me get through my workday.  The lady who watches Avery is wonderful. She really loves watching Avery and has made her headbands, onesies, and also focuses on her development. It’s an ideal situation and I feel so fortunate we found such a great place to take her to. Adjusting to work and a baby has been a pretty easy transition so far. I hate that I dont get to spend all day with Avery but I also am really appreciating the time we do have together each night. She is such an active and alert baby. I’m really loving this period in her life!

On Tuesday Avery had her two month check up at the doctor’s. Avery is really healthy and now weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces (in the 40th percentile),  She is 23 1/2 inches long (75th percentile) and her head is 40 cm (75th percentile). She also got her first set of  shots and did great all things considered. At her four month appointment we can get her ears pierced!

Last weekend my grandpa visited on his way to California. It was so great to see him and I’m so glad he was able to meet Avery.  Avery received her first piggy bank during his visit and it’s perfect for her room!  We also celebrated Chad’s first fathers day!  I hope he had a wonderful day. I never shared about my first mother’s day. We kept it simple since I felt a tad silly celebrating mother’s day when I had only been one 3 weeks at that point. Chad got me a lemon tree to celebrate. Kinda a random gift but it was exactly what I wanted. When we celebrated our 5 year anniversary he got me a lime and orange tree and as cheesy as it sounds we planted those trees as a token of our future together. We said our trees will grow with our love. I felt a lemon tree was perfect for the next chapter of our lives which was becoming parents to Avery. I love all my citrus trees and can’t wait for them all to grow!

Anyways, I guess that is about it with us and Avery. I will end this with some pictures from her two month photo shoot we did the other day!

My mother’s day present


Part of  Chad’s father’s day present


2 Month photo shoot








Avery’s new piggy bank!


Do you see a theme? She loves sticking her tongue out!




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