Time flies when you have a baby…

Avery is now 3 and 1/2 months old and she is by far the cutest little baby girl we know! I seriously can’t believe how fast time is going. There are so many wonderful things about Avery that we love about her. I think the thing we appreciate about her the most is she has been sleeping through the night for almost 2 months now. I can’t remember the last time she woke up in the middle of the night. I feel fortunate in so many ways to have Avery as our baby. Sleeping through the night is amazing but she is also the happiest baby I’ve ever met. She wakes up every morning giggling and smiling. Sadly I know at some point in life this phase will end but we are enjoying it for now.

Avery’s development seems to be on track. She can hold her head up and now hangs out in her new bumbo and jumper in her spare time. She also is talking all the time. Obviously we have no idea what she is saying but last week no exaggeration she said “hi” it was probably on accident but can we count that as her first word? The race is on to see if she says mama or dada first. I feel like it will be dada but my fingers are crossed its mama. Avery also still is not a fan of tummy time but she can lift her head pretty good. I’m ready for her to start rolling and/or crawling.

Her favorite thing is probably yo gabba gabba. I know what your thinking…why do we let our 3 month old watch tv? The truth is it calms her when she is mad. I NEVER thought I’d let her watch tv but she watches tv with us at night so why not let her listen to educational programming? I won’t lie I’ve also grown fond of yo gabba gabba and often have the songs stuck in my head. She loves watching it though and the other day had a laughing attack watching an episode. It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. She’s also been into the Olympics and loves watching soccer. Maybe we have a little soccer player on our hands?

The pups still love Avery and try to lick her feet at every chance they get. I still hope to get a picture of them with her but as much as they love her they don’t want to be in a picture with her.

I also am back at work now and that transition has gone pretty smooth. She goes to a in-home daycare and we found the best babysitter for her during the day named Charlotte. She is wonderful and loves Avery so much. Avery has come home with new outfits, hair bands, and Charlotte has made her onesies. I feel extremely fortunate that we were able to find someone who loves Avery as her own.  It has made going back to work bearable knowing she is in good hands during the day. It is exhausting balancing work, a baby, married life and working out but I guess I’m making it work. I’m 6 weeks into P90X and hoping that will help me lose the final 13 pounds of my baby weight. So far I’ve gain 5 pounds since starting P90X but I’m hoping its just muscle I’m gaining. It’s frustrating not losing weight and I will be the first to say I dread every morning and trying to find something to wear to work. Some days outfits fit and others they don’t. I’ve never had this issue in life before so its extremely frustrating. Hopefully by the end of P90X I’ll be toned and back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes.

In a few weeks we will be travelling by plane to Missouri for our first family vacation which will be interesting. Hopefully it goes well! Avery has already done a tone just to re-cap a few things we’ve taken her to do….mostly she goes to a lot of restaurants but she has been to two bars (we are those parents sadly), she celebrated Christmas in July, and the 4th of July, planted a garden,  attended a mustache party,and has seen a haboob (dust storm). That was just in the month of July. That’s it for now but here are some adorable pictures of our 3 month baby shoot and more!

Christmas in July


4th of July


this seems to be Avery’s model pose





This was all Avery




Avery is ready for some football




Two peas in a pod- Avery and Cooper



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