Teething, Rolling, and Avery’s first flight!

Happy Labor Day!  Hopefully you are having a good day. We spent the morning with Chad’s parents and spent the afternoon skyping with Tiffany. Overall Avery’s first labor day has been good! 

Things are going great with our sweet 4 and 1/2 month old baby. She’s recently taken to rolling from her stomach to back and is doing awesome during tummy time. We feel like she will be crawling in no time but that’s probably wishful thinking on our part. She also loves playing with her feet and making chewbacca like noises. haha. Last week Avery begun teething. I hate seeing her so upset and its hard to think her crankiness will come around every time a new tooth is coming in….joy. If anyone has any tips for teething I am all ears, please share!

The past few weeks have been full of visiting family. It started with my mom, Aunt and cousins visiting  us which was fun and then we made our first family trip to Missouri. Flying with Avery went surprisingly well and better than we could have anticipated. She did great the whole trip and met her grandpa, great grandpa’s and her great great grandma which I think is incredible. I think its rare that people are able to meet their great great grandparents and I feel fortunate that Avery has the opportunity. I am positive she will not remember meeting her but we can at least show her pictures when she gets older.  Missouri was a fun trip and I had total nostalgia while visiting. I was quoted as saying “I could see myself living here again?” Do I really think I could? Well probably if forced. Chad made a point today that we don’t really have fall here and I miss it. I miss the cooler weather, haunted corn fields, leaves changing colors, my friends and family, and so much more. I still hate cold weather and I’m spoiled by Arizona living but while visiting I missed living there. In January when everyone is updating their facebook status to being cold I’ll be happy hiking! My hope for Avery is that she too will someday want to venture to Missouri for College. If possible, I’d love for her to attend Mizzou its a gorgeous campus and I sometimes wish it had been my alma mater. 

Anyways, life otherwise is good with us. We recently celebrated my 29th birthday. It’s incredible how quick my 20’s went. Having a baby and turning 29 has made me feel old. I realize I’m not old but it was a reminder how fast the last 9 years of my life have flown by. It feels like a life time ago that I moved to Missouri and even a lifetime ago that we moved to Arizona.  All my life I thought 28 was the perfect age and it was a pretty incredible year.  I wonder what my last year of my 20s will bring. Hopefully its another great year. I am so thankful for everything in my life and everyone who plays a part of it. 

Anyways, I’m of course going to end this blog with pictures of our sweet Avery. 

*Edit: As I was about to publish this I heard Chad and Avery coming downstairs and Avery said daddy. It was probably in our heads but it sounded just like daddy. Just as a running tab words she’s accidently said are hi, eww, and now maybe daddy? We established her first actual word will be when she says a word and repeats it back to us. I just wanted to share that last little tid bit*

Here is a sneak peek of our family photos we took a few weeks ago. I’ll post more once we get the cd with the rest of the photos

Avery’s first time eating rice cereal…she likes it!


This is what a baby food coma looks like


Cooper was probably hoping Avery would drop some rice cereal his way haha


Avery is not happy turning four months old


It would be great if I could write straight 


I love to stick my tongue out



I made a mess


Four months and growing



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