This little lady loves to talk…

I wonder where Avery gets that from? No seriously, she loves to talk though! Granted most of her talking is babbling but its adorable. Some words Avery has accidently said are mama, dada, yeah, hi, and oooh. My favorite thing she does is she says a blah blah blah blah. It’s pretty amusing. 

It’s hard to believe Avery is a week and half shy of six months old. My next blog will be a reflection of the first six months but since my last blog Avery has done a ton. We recently road tripped it to San Diego to see my mom for her 50th birthday. Avery also went to the beach and played in the sand and water for the first time. Avery also went to her first concert this week. Our city has concerts in the park. I’d love to say she enjoyed it but she fell asleep about half way through the show. All things considered Avery has done a lot in her short time here. 

She also is developing great. I think she is about 2 weeks from crawling (this is just a guess) but she is so desperately trying. She can roll and can scoot really good. She also loves to play. I’ve never seen a baby who loves to play so much. Not that I have much else to compare her to.  She is still sleeping through the night from like 9:30 pm to 8 am. She is the perfect baby. I know everyone says that about their kid but I truly believe we are lucky to have such a happy and easy going baby. I also have a prediction…based on her rolling I think she is going to be a lefty like her mom! 🙂

One final things about our sweet baby she loves our dogs. Last night Bailey snuck in a kiss to Avery when we weren’t looking and Avery could not stop laughing. I’m so glad she loves the dogs and they love her!

Here is a recap in pictures of what Avery has been up to lately 

A smiling Avery

IMG_5968.jpg \\



I’m surprised!



This girl loves to play…scooting to get to Shelly the turtle


At the beach



Addie and Bailey


More playing..


Playing with dried flowers and seeming kinda confused lol


Avery’s first concert



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