Choosing the perfect romper…

Who knew deciding on Avery’s next romper would be such a big decision in my life? lol so maybe it’s not a huge decision but I want to pick the right color for her. I guess it will be a surprise for everyone! I love the baby rompers though. They are by far my favorite girly item. It’s interesting how cute little lace rompers are for kids but how hideous they would be if an adult wore one. Scandalous? Sure! Cute? Not at all! So I guess the title of the blog is misleading since I don’t know how to choose the perfect romper lol.

Anyways, I can’t believe how quick the year is going. I can’t believe my last update was around Christmas time. I’ve been extremely lazy with updating everyone on our family. 

So let’s see what all has happened this year? January we went to San Diego for Embry’s birthday and Heather’s bridal shower. The weather was amazing and I was determined to find a way to move to California…that is until I saw the price of houses. Holy moly our house in California would cost like $600,000. As much as I love California unless I win the lotto (which we currently do not play), or one of us becomes a doctor we will not be living the so cal lifestyle. It makes me sad that Avery will not grow up having cousins near by to play with like Chad and I grew up but I don’t want to be house poor. I often feel bad that the majority of our family is at a distance but we are thankful for the family that is here and the friends that are family here.

Chad was also involved in a bad car accident in January which sadly Lexi the Lexus was totaled. The good news is Chad is okay.

February, brought an impromptu road trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico which ended up disastrous on so many fronts. First off, this road trip to New Mexico was a quick reminder how travelling with a baby isn’t a simple as it once was. Once upon a time Avery used to sleep on long car rides and now-a-days not so much which involves a lot of entertaining throughout the car drive. I ended up doing the majority of the driving because Chad is the better entertainer between the two of us, lol. The weather in Albuquerque (ABQ) was gorgeous in the 50’s. Our journey to ABQ was due to a potential job opportunity for Chad to get promoted at his work to a management position. We went to check the city out and see if it was a place we could see ourselves living. It turns out I really ended up liking ABQ. The weather is milder than Arizona but with all four seasons. Despite my hate for cold weather and snow I want Avery to have snow in her life since its something I never really experienced growing up. Plus I miss fall. It’s by far my favorite season and Arizona only has nice weather and hot weather not really seasons. ABQ has a lot of outdoor activities and as we visited I really became hopeful Chad would get the job so we could live there for a few years. Unfortunately, while Chad had a good interview an employee in the ABQ office was more qualified and got the job. I took the new worse than Chad because I really wanted the chance to live somewhere new even if its New Mexico (a place I never imagined living). Avery was cranky the entire trip so I assume its because she did not like New Mexico lol. We are exploring other opportunties to move to other states. Not sure if anything will come of it but I enjoy living new places and while Arizona has been nice I am not ready to call it my forever residence.

February also brought another trip to San Diego for Heather’s wedding. Another disaster trip (unrelated to Heather’s wedding). Avery ended up getting her first case of the flu while in San Diego. We were on our way to the beach when things took a turn for the worse and she threw up everywhere in our rental car. Luckily it was only Saturday she was sick and was better on Sunday to come back to Arizona. We also bought a new car for Chad in San Diego. Chad now owns a Ford Fusion Hybrid and can you believe it was cheaper to buy the car in California over Arizona? That’s probably a first. With Avery getting the flu also meant Chad and I also got it. Chad got it the day before he flew to New Mexico for his job interview…awful timing. The flu is miserable just as a side note. Hopefully, we can go back to San Diego again so Avery can once again play at the beach! 

So here we are in March. Besides coming back from San Diego we haven’t traveled anywhere this month. March might be one of my favorite months in Arizona. The weather has been spectacular which is bittersweet because I know it’s quickly coming to an end and the unbearable heat is on its way. March hasn’t brought anything too exciting. I was hoping this would be the month Avery would finally start walking but her desire to walk is none. I’d like to partially blame it on her itty bitty feet. She wears shoes between size 3-6 months lol. She did meet the Easter Bunny yesterday and loved him. Chad thinks its because he is like a big stuffed animal. She loves stuffed animals. Hopefully we can get her walking before her first birthday which is like 3 weeks away.

At this point we should start taking bets on what will happen first…Avery walking or Avery getting her first tooth. Neither seem to be on their way lol.

Planning her party has been fun. We are going with a puppy dog theme due to her love for dogs! I always said I would never be the type of parent who goes all out for their child’s first birthday. However, I’m becoming that parent. This will be one of the only few birthdays where I get to pick the theme and everything. Maybe its my love for themed parties but I keep finding cute ideas (darn pinterest). My hope is kids and adults will have fun at the party. We are truly lucky for all the family and friends in our life who have loved Avery through the past 11 and 1/2 months. I feel like I am always telling people the first year flew by but it did. I can’t believe a year ago today I was going on bed rest due to my swelling from my pregnancy and today I’m relaxing outside with my sweet baby napping. We are so fortunate to have such a perfect happy baby who brings so much joy to our lives.

Anyways here is the part everyone really only cares about…pictures!








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