We like to paw-ty!

It’s official we have a toddler! On April 18th our sweet baby A turned 1. I took the day off hoping to have a fun filled day with Avery. However, Avery had other things in mind such as napping for over 3 hours. The night of her birthday some of her favorite people came over to celebrate with us. I made lasagna and alfredo to kick off the night and then we moved on to the good stuff, CUPCAKES! It’s like Avery had been eating cupcakes all her life and ate it in record time. 

A few pictures from her birthday


Can you believe the the long sleeve is what the hospital put Avery in after she was born and cleaned up? It still fits her and looks like a cardigan lolImage


Avery exactly 1 year old at 2:43 pm on April 18thImage


Avery’s first cupcake




We celebrated her birthday party last Saturday at the park in Chad’s parents subdivision. It was the perfect day to have a party. The weather was gorgeous and their park was a great location to have a party.. 

I always said I’d never be the mom who throws a huge elaborate first birthday party but there I was trying to do it. It actually kinda stressed me out so hopefully I will remember this next year. In my opinion a few things went wrong with the party. I forgot to order a cake till the last minute so we weren’t able to do a puppy dog cake which bummed me out. I planned too many activities and there wasn’t enough room for them all. By the time people finished eating we did presents and cake and then people began to leave so some kids weren’t able to do the activities. Avery also wasn’t super happy that day and her crankiness kinda put me on edge (my hunger probably didn’t help either). Other than that the party went perfect lol. No seriously, it was a great turn-out and I realized I put too much pressure on myself to create the perfect first birthday when all I really needed to do was bring Avery and it would have been fine. I think its the entertainer in me that wanted it to be this spectacular event that people would remember years to come. I also think pinterest got the best of me and I wanted to recreate everything I saw online that looked amazing. Turns out I am too busy to be a professional pinterester (is that a term?) Pinterester is someone who has so much free time they are able to do everything they pin. Should I add this to urban dictionary? kidding!

Anyways, Avery had a wonderful birthday and she received a ton of stuff we are fortunate to have so many great people in our lives. A few pictures from her party

The Invitation




 Rubber Duckies as puppy dogs!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



Last weekend we also took Avery to our community pool for the first time. At first she was scared of the water (probably because it was cold) but once she got used to it she loved it!



If you’re wondering she still isn’t walking but she can take up to 7 steps by herself but only when she feels like it. She has learned how to climb up our stairs but don’t worry we are always right behind her and are very cautious. 

I will be updating again later in the week since I wanted to include pictures from her 12 month photo shoot. After much thought I decided to continue the photo shoots for one more year. I want to be able to see Avery progress and I think her birthday invitation is a perfect example of how our baby has changed. I think seeing one over 24 months would be interesting.

Anyways, that’s it for now! Bye 🙂 


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