Recap: My first year as a mom!

I was about to post a nice re-cap post about my first year as a mom when I accidently clicked on something and lost the whole blog. How unbelievably annoying. So now I don’t feel like re-posting it so I’m going to list what I’ve learned instead of give long boring explanations. lol

Thing I’ve learned and realized during the first year of parenthood (in no particular order) and it turns out I still managed to make it long LOL.

1. Things I told myself I would never do as a parent I’ve already done. Ex. Letting Avery watch tv at 6 weeks because it calmed her down when she was cranky. Sometimes you give into things just to have a happy baby…or at least I do.

2. I’m not as quick to judge other parents. I’m very sympathetic now when I hear a kid throw a tantrum instead of annoyed or embarrassed like I used to be prior to parenthood.I try to stay neutral when I hear stories of questionable parenting because you never truly know what you would do until you are in a situation. Of course this excludes any type of harm of punishment.

3. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want and instead of fretting about it I’ve learned to accept and move on. Example. breastfeeding. Avery lost too much weight and when I pumped she didn’t like my milk. It made me feel inadequate that I couldn’t provide the basics to my daughter but the flipside was Avery and Chad were able to bond earlier. It was hard to accept at the time but almost a year later and I have no regrets because she turned out perfect and it ended up working best for us. I was borderline depressed as I was going through it and switching to formula allowed me to be my happy self and mentally be the best mom I could for her.

4. I thought Chad and I had a strong relationship before but its amazing how parenthood brought us closer As parents we compliment each other well. I love watching Chad with Avery. He is a natural and as cheesy as it sounds I love him more than I did prior to Avery…plus he has way more patience with Avery than me.

5. Avery did more travelling in her first year than Chad and I did most of our childhood…okay total exaggeration but we did travel once every few months with her once she turned 4 months old. She has been to California (3 times), Missouri, New Mexico, and obviously Arizona. Hopefully she grows up loving to travel just like me 🙂

6. Realization- Unlike most kids Avery has a lot of living family she’s met including two great grandpa’s and a great great grandma. I feel fortunate that Avery has had the opportunity to meet these family members. On the flipside it makes me sad that Avery will never have the chance to meet two of her great grandma’s and her great uncle. Having a baby makes you realize the importance of family and while I wish all of our family lived closer to us I’m thankful we have the opportunity to see my family in San Diego every few months. I’m also thankful that we have Chad’s mom and step dad here. They love and adore Avery. I wish it was possible for Avery to grow up how Chad and I did with all our cousins nearby for Avery to play with but hopefully once friends out here start having kids they will be like cousins…so c’mon Arizonians start having kids lol.

7. I’m thankful for the friends that have become family this past year. Since we don’t have a lot of family here I’m thankful for all the friends near and far who have taken an interest in Avery and love her like their own. I’m thankful that most of my friendships have become stronger since having Avery. I love that friends have gladly taken on the role of being an Aunt and Uncle to Avery. I feel very fortunate that we have such wonderful people in our lives. On the flipside of that while most friendships grew stronger I admit some friendships have dissolved. I don’t think anyone understands how hard it is to raise a kid until you’re a parent. Priorities change and you don’t have time or the energy for drama or petty issues especially in the first couple of months. My daughter will always be my top priority and anyone who doesn’t understand that or respect that doesn’t have a place in my life as sad as that is. Thankfully that’s really not an issue and almost everyone has been amazing.

8. Anyone who thinks being a parent is easy does not have a kid! I never thought parenthood was easy but I didn’t realize how challenging it can be at times. While I love being a mom I don’t love the days when Avery is cranky all day..It’s not always a nice walk in the park and I honestly have no clue how or why people want a zoo of kids. Maybe at some point it gets easier but I have a whole new appreciation for single moms. I appreciate the fact I can pass Avery on to Chad if she is too much for me to handle

9. I always know when Avery is pooping. It’s true as a parent you learn all of your childs mannerisms. Changing dirty diapers was rough for me at first. I screamed like a schoolgirl if it smelled bad or was everywhere but eventually you learn just to suck it up and change the diaper.

10. As Avery gets older sanitation became less important. At first if a pacifier fell to the ground we would sanitize it sometimes several times a day. Now we follow the 5 second rule plus use spit to clean pacifiers  It’s amazing once a kid learns to drop things how you get sanitizing items 20 times a day. For the record a study came out saying spit was a better way to clean items that have been dropped. I may be paraphrasing but that is the jidst of the article. Of course the situation of where something falls also depends on how I clean it. lol.

I’m sure there are more things I’ve learned but this list seems to be getting progressively worse. lol. The one tip I have for everyone is don’t let your kid take over your relationship. Make sure to still have individual time to yourselves and of course date nights. We hardly have date nights without Avery but we have a good balance of being parents and being husband and wife. I throw this next line out sincerely but if you have a kid and need a sitter for a date night I will gladly come watch your kid. I draw the line at 2 kids I don’t think I could handle more than 2 lol.

Anyways, one final update and one that really matters….Avery is now walking! Not always but she can FINALLY walk when she wants. lol. 

Here are some pictures from her 12 month photo shoot we did with her a few weeks ago 🙂

I am probably going to edit these pictures to make them look a little more professional but I love how they’ve turned out so far I just had to share!Image


Avery looks a little scared but I promise you she loves hanging upside downImageImageImage

after 12 months she has finally learned how to take the sticker off. Oddly enough today she also found a sticker and tried putting it on



This is Avery’s ” what the heck is mommy doing to me?” look


Avery loves laundry time which is fantastic because I hate it!


I’m excited to see what the next year brings to our lives with a toddler in the house. I always thought the tantrums didn’t start until the terrible two’s but our sweet baby already has thrown a few of them. LOL. I’m a little scared knowing it can and probably will get worse.

Have a wonderful weekend 


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