Walking, Talking, Mother’s Day, Vegas, Historic Conventions, Golfing and more!

I have tons of exciting updates on our little family. Okay, not really but I do have a few and one is really exciting! I believe in my last blog I said Avery was starting to walk but only doing it on her terms. Well the terms have changed and she is walking all the time now! Not full time but I would say 80% of the time.

They aren’t kidding when they say once a kid learns to walk they get into EVERYTHING! A few nights ago I found Avery walking around with dog perfume in her mouth…don’t worry she didn’t inhale anything since she had the cap on. I guess we should start baby proofing the downstairs. She hasn’t discovered the kitchen cabinets but its only a matter of days.

The other exciting thing is I’ve been working with her on her ABC’s and counting in English and Spanish on our way home from daycare and this week she said uno..or for those not familiar with spanish, one! I’d like Avery to be bilingual but seeing as my Spanish is super limited we may need to purchase Rosetta stone. I wonder if there is there a cd that teaches babies spanish? hmmm…I may need to do some google searches soon.

One final piece of news is that in July Avery is going to have her first weekend sleepover with grandma and grandpa while we go to Vegas for the weekend! In 13 months we’ve spent one night without her but it wasn’t even a full 24 hours. I’m excited and nervous. I’ll miss her so much but it will be fun to have an adult weekend. I feel like I should also share the reason we are going. As you may or may not know Chad is obsessed with UFC fighting. There is going to be a “historic” (according to their website) UFC convention he wants to go to. Not my idea of a fun time but a vacation is a vacation and I will take what I can get. We are going with our friends, another couple so I’m sure it will be fun. If I end up going to this convention I might make the most of it. I mean I’m interested in what kind of people go to a convention about fighting. I bet it brings an interesting crowd. Plus that would only be a few hours of a day I still have the rest of the weekend to do whatever I want. I also think it would be interesting to do a whole vacation off groupon deals and Vegas is a place I could probably pull that off. More to come on that.

I guess that is really all with the updates. 

Last weekend I celebrated my second mother’s day which went off splendidly. Avery made me a photobook of her first year of life which was super cute and extremely sweet. I can only assume this will be a yearly traditions (I love traditions), At daycare she also made me this sweet little butterfly with her hands. I plan to turn it into a magnet. I loved my presents but the best part of my day was I didn’t have to change any diapers! It was amazing. Now if only I could convince Chad to celebrate half mothers day (like 6 months down the road another mother’s day). Obviously I need to create a better name for this “holiday” I’m trying to create. lol  🙂

I have been trying to find hobbies to keep me busy so for mother’s day I made my mom and Chad’s mom a mothers day present. It can be hard to buy our parents presents since they can basically go buy whatever they want. Chad’s mom literally gets the same present from us on mothers day, her birthday and Christmas. While I’m sure she loves her facials and/or massages I wanted to do something different. I found a project off pinterest that was perfect. It was a pot and I put pictures of us on the pot. For Chad’s mom I bought a desert flower so it could go on the back porch. My mom’s was shipped so instead of flowers I included the supplies to build her own garden which she has discussed doing for years.. I had so much fun making the pots I also made one for my best friend. It was such an easy  project and I think they all came out cute!






I really love being a mom and as Avery gets older and is able to start expressing herself more I am enjoying every moment of it. Tonight she has been extremely sweet and has come up several times for hugs and wanting to lay on me. These are the best moments she really melts my heart. On the downside she usually throws tantrums when I pick her up from daycare because she doesn’t want to leave and usually cries when I arrive. LOL. It’s unfortunate because when Chad gets home from work she is so happy to see him and crawls to him to be picked up. I’m sure one day Avery and I will get to that level but for now toys and daycare come before seeing mommy, lol.

Anyways, I guess that is it for now!

Have a lovely weekend and here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to.


Avery with her mother’s day present she got me last year, a lemon tree! For the record anyone know how to make citrus plants grow fruit? None of my citrus plants have any fruit 😦Image 🙂

Mother’s day with Avery acting silly


Sweet little thang!


Avery and I in front of the lemon tree she got me last year for mother’s day…please ignore the bags under my eyes I got very little sleep the night beforeImage

Avery loves play with the dog bowls! Don’t worry the dogs are still being fed and watered 🙂Image

Avery practicing her golf moves ImageImage

Me with all my kids…it’s hard being a suburban dog and baby mom! 🙂Image


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