Blame it on NPR!

This morning I was listening to NPR’s morning edition when I caught the tail end of an interview from a guy who created a bucket list over 25 years ago. He has just completed his list and was sharing his experience. I’ve never been the type who has put much thought into bucket list’s but at the end of his interview he said something that made me reconsider my stance on the subject. He said once he completed his list he felt a calm sense of relief and that everything in his life was perfect and fulfilled or something to that extent. He discussed some of the items on his bucket list such as having a family, going to a University and getting a degree, having a fulfilling job, and so on. As I listened to his list I thought about what would be on mine.

Until today I hadn’t put much thought into what would be on my bucket-list. However, now that I’ve had more time to think about it I think my bucket list would mostly include travel destinations. However, if I was serious about creating a list I would want more meaningful ideas. Travelling is kinda it’s own separate list which I will need to also explore.

For my bucket-list all I could come up with is doing something more meaningful with my life. I’m not entirely sure what that would consist of. It’s no secret that I went to school and majored in a degree that I do absolutely nothing with.  In college, I wanted to be a radio dj because I love music and I like to talk so it sounded like a dream come true. That is until I had my own radio show in College and it proved to be awkward for me since your essentially talking to yourself. So here I am years later not working in my field, by choice. I’m also not particularly passionate about what I’m currently doing. I think the struggle I have is that I have no idea what I’m passionate about. I love animals but I’m not sure how one makes a career out of that. Nor am I sure that is something I want to do.

Honestly, when I think of something that would be fulfilling or something I would enjoy I’d love to do investigative research. The issue is I don’t have spare time to do research and as you can see my writing isn’t my strongest subject. Lol.

 There is a blog I follow called food babe and she does something similar where she researches the ingredients (always the ingredients we can never pronounce) in common food we eat. Like did you know there is petroleum in Kraft mac and cheese? That’s disgusting. I realize I could easily do something similar but how does that equate to making money? No, seriously if you know please let me know.  

As I’m about to approach my 30th birthday maybe I need to have more goals for myself. While I love my life there are aspects of it that could be improved and I need to work on making that happen. Life is too short to ever be less than 100% happy in life. I would say I’m currently 75% happy in my life. How would you rate yourself in all aspects from family, work, stress levels, weight, eating habits, friends, and everything else? If you rate yourself a 100 I’d be curious to learn more about your life.

Life is too short to let time pass yet I am doing that because I don’t know what I want to do with my life. No one ever tells you as a teenager that you could hit a slump before 30 and that there could be a period in life where you feel uncertain for things you worked so hard for.. No one warns you that the degree you go for will most likely not be in the field you work in. My goal before my birthday is to create a list of things I want to do and accomplish. I’m thankful for the life I have and I love my family and friends but I want to be 100% happy with all aspects of my life and perhaps reaching goals will help me get there. 

So what is on your bucket-list? By the way I feel like it needs a cooler name. Every time I hear it I think of that movie with Morgan Freeman and another old actor. lol.

What is the number 1 thing on your list or the most important? I’m super curious to see what others want to do in life.

Till next time… :)

 Oh and for everyone who is wondering Avery is good, teething up a storm but still only two front bottom teeth. Another update on her is to come


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