Trying new things and meeting new people along the way :)

The hardest part about getting older is making new friends. Okay perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration but it’s something I’ve struggled with since moving to Arizona. For a while I had a great group of girls I was friends with. However, the one thing I’ve learned about Arizona is no one is from here and eventually everyone wants to move closer to family. A majority of the friends I’ve made here have  moved on to bigger and better things and while I’m happy for them the question remains where does an adult meet new people besides work? 

My mom has always been good at giving me suggestions about this topic. In College when I moved to Missouri I didn’t really know anyone and she would always suggest joining a bowling league. Bowling is fine but I’m not an avid bowler nor do I want to be so I quickly shot it down. I can’t remember any of the other suggestions she gave but I never took her advice on them. When I moved to Arizona I encountered a similar issue where I only knew Chad and his parents. This time my mom suggested the website It’s actually a genius idea for a website. I never really checked the website out because meeting strangers for friendships seemed like a weird concept to me and made me feel lame I’d have to turn to the internet to make friends.  Fast forward to 2013 and I’ve since reconsidered the idea. I think one of the issues I’m currently experiencing is I only have a few friends with kids. I love the friends I have but sometimes you want to talk about kids and what motherhood is like and all that boring stuff people without kids can only handle a few minutes of. 

I want 2013 to get me out of my comfort zone and to try things I wouldn’t necessarily do. So a few months ago I signed up for a account. I was excited to see all the mom groups on the website. As I began joining the mom groups I started stalking (in a non-creepy way) people’s profiles and think oh she looks like someone I would be friends with.  I was excited and nervous to go to one of these meetup events. However, I never ended up making it to an event because I quickly learned all the moms in Gilbert seem to be stay at home mom’s. I quickly became discouraged and lost interest in the website. I think the real reason is because I felt envious that all these mom’s have the opportunity to stay at home and raise their kid and be with them 24/7. Instead I have to work and Avery gets to spend the bulk of her week at daycare. I’ve been pretty bummed out about this. It really breaks my heart that I don’t get to spend every moment with Avery. I don’t have the option to stay at home but it really did bother me that all of these meetups are during the day. Then a few weeks ago a new group was created for mom’s. It was aimed for weekend activities which is exactly what I was looking for.

Two weeks ago I went to my first ever meetup and the rest is history. The group of girls were wonderful and we’ve done a few events together. Last weekend we went to a peach festival which I’ve been wanting to do for a few years. It was hot but it was fun to be around other mom’s and kids closer to Avery’s age.  I am glad I joined the website it’s also helped me become more outgoing. Maybe someday I’ll go to a different meet up group but for now Avery and I are enjoying the people we’ve met so far and hopefully we will continue meeting more people with kids. 

Speaking of little A she is doing good. It’s been kinda touch and go with her teething. We never know which Avery we are going to get but THANKFULLY the past few days we’ve had our sweet and happy Avery. Teething is awful though. I was telling someone the other day as creepy as it would be I’d rather have a baby born with a full set of teeth then to go through teething. To think this is going to be going on for at least another year is terrifying. I treasure the days Avery is happy and more like herself. 

I’m working on making this blog have more than one section. I feel like I’ve been doing other things in life right now unrelated to Avery that I want to share. However, I know most people probably won’t care about those projects so I will have other tabs if you are bored enough and want to read those. This blog has been a positive thing for me and has made me think/do other things that I wouldn’t have thought about doing otherwise. I feel like those journey’s need to be discussed as well. The blog will still mainly be about our little family and what is going on with us but it will discuss the other things I’m doing as well. I realize I have far too much time on my hands but oh well 🙂

Anyways, have a wonderful weekend and here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to!

At the peach festival





I realized I never posted her 12 month


I let her sit next to me on the hayride back from the peach groves and she loved it! She was soooo happy! 🙂









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