The best is yet to come!

What a crazy week in regards to milestones in my life. Let’s start with the first one. 10 years ago this week I moved to Missouri and moved away from my family in California. Nothing makes you sound old than referencing something that happened 10 years ago. In so many ways I can’t believe I haven’t lived in California in 10 years. While it doesn’t feel like I just moved away it doesn’t feel like it’s been 10 years.

I moved to Missouri for a ton of reasons but my time in Missouri is such a huge part of who I am today. Missouri is the reason I have the life I do today. While my time there was short in the scheme of things I never regret the decision to move. Thanks to Missouri I met the love of my life. I honestly cannot imagine where my life would be today if Chad wasn’t in it. Living in Missouri taught me so many things about myself and about life. I have such a love/hate relationship with the state but overall I love it. Would I move back? Probably not. However, I’ve made lifelong friends and I have great stories to share from my time there. My fondest memories prior to Avery being born are in Missouri. I hope one day when Avery is older no matter how much it breaks my heart I hope and will encourage her to create her own journey outside of Chad and I. Sometimes the best way to do that is in another state or at least another city. It’s an experience I will always be grateful I had. It allowed me to discover who I am. Not saying I couldn’t have done it in San Diego but I don’t think I would have evolved into the greatness I am today. 

I remember when times got hard in Missouri I wanted to move back to California to my comfort zone. I’m glad I never did or I wouldn’t be to the point in my life I’m at now. Of course the hardest part of living away from family is missing out on life events and the everyday happenings in each persons life. While sometimes I’m glad I live in Arizona and hear about family stuff at a distance overall I miss my family. If it were possible we would move to San Diego in a heartbeat but it comes at a price and one I’m not willing to sacrifice. 

The other major milestone this week is that Chad and I got engaged 3 years ago. I don’t typically remember this date and had to confirm it over facebook that today was the day but my memory served me correct.  I can’t believe we have been together 8 years it is crazy that he’s been in my life for that long.

Anyways, I’ll end this post with some pictures of Chad and I through the years. Granted these are just whatever I can find on facebook. I tried to go with some silly pictures since I think it’s the best representation of our relationship.

I can’t think of a better way he could have proposed then having the pups wear signs…granted I never captured a pictures of any of the dogs wearing this sign

Chad loved this picture of us 

Ok I just realized I did overload on pictures lol. Anyways I’m sure no one cares that much about our pictures!

Here is to the next set of milestones, whatever those may be 🙂


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