Teething Sucks!

When I think of awful things I’d rather experience in life than a teething baby here are a few that come to mind

1. I’d rather sit in a room and hear someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard than deal with a teething baby

2. I’d rather go to a screaming metal concert and get punched in the face

3. I’d rather get a cavity filled 

4. I’d rather give a presentation to a 1,000 people naked and fall on my face while walking to the stage

5. I’d rather be at work 

6. i’d rather run a 5k in 115 degrees

7. I’d rather listen to Chad talk about all his hobbies for 3 hours straight (Golf, UFC, his political, religious views, and anything else that normally bores me)

8. I’d rather be in a dodgeball game where I’m the only target

9. I’d rather clean a hoarders house

10. I’d rather drive behind the slowest driver on a freeway without being able to switch lanes than deal with a teething baby

LOL okay maybe I’m once again being overly dramatic but I cannot enforce how miserable teething is at times.

On the positive side it could be worse. I’m lucky in the regards that Avery THANKFULLY sleeps through the night. Also, one thing that usually can calm her down is yo gabba gabba. I don’t know what is with that show but kids love it and it’s made bad situations better almost instantly.I will probably continue to profess my love for the show. Tonight Avery was super cranky and the minute it came on she sat still for almost the entire episode. Sometimes you need a mental break so you don’t completely lose it. I’ve learned to take the mental breaks even if I am allowing her to watch tv. I’m definitely not the type of parent I thought I’d be. I thought I’d have a lot more patience than I do. Some days I can handle it but a cranky baby all day long makes it challenging to stay cool, calm and collective. I really am glad Avery was never colicky baby. I have no clue how I would have handled it.

 It’s such a helpless feeling knowing sometimes I can’t make Avery happy no matter how hard I try. I also will probably say this a lot but it’s hard to imagine that we still have about a year or more of this to go…Avery still only has 2 teeth :(. 

Besides teething we’ve been getting cardio in every night due to Avery’s love of walking. She enjoys making us run around the house to chase her and thinks its a game. It’s pretty cute except when she does it during dinner. It’s amazing how 2 weeks ago she was a wobbly walker and how she basically sprints now. She is truly an amazing little baby 🙂

Speaking of eating I’ve realized since having a baby I devour meals in record speeds when Avery is around. I’m going to assume this is common for parents and I’m not some weird freak lol. 

Anyways, last weekend we took Avery to picture people (hello groupon deal!) to get her 1 year old photos done. Not what I had in mind but life has been so crazy busy this was a quick photo shoot. I had so many ideas I wanted for her one year old shoot but since she has been teething it’s been hard to justify paying a lot for pictures since we never know what version of Avery we are getting on a daily basis. This photo shoot only lasted about 10 minutes before she was cranky and over the picture scene. Maybe in hindsight it’s good they ended up simple. On a side note I feel like all I need to do is get a slightly better camera, a few lights, and a back drop and I could be my own picture people studio.  Hopefully once the weather cools down we can do another outdoor family shoot. I want our family pictures to always represent where we live since there is a lot of beauty to Arizona. Unfortunately the hot hot heat is not one of them.  If only someone wanted to buy me a Summer home in California that would be amazing.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures of Avery. I chose only a few of my favorites if you’d like to see more just facebook or email me and I can send you the link to see the rest 🙂




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