My dream house :)

Can we discuss dream homes for a moment? This topic of conversation happens every time I return home from San Diego. I try to figure out how I will afford to move back to San Diego. I spend the first half of my search looking at houses we can “realistically” (well maybe?) afford. This quickly sends me into a state of depression so then I start looking at my dream houses. For some reason this makes me less depressed lol.

This time my destination is San Clemente, Ca. Have we discussed my love for San Clemente? It’s actually interesting I’m so obsessed with the city considering prior to this weekend my only experience with it was stopping in the city for gas on the way to Disneyland. This weekend only validated what I already knew, I want to live there. So naturally the next step is to find my future home. So here you go. I present my dream house in San Clemente. Now if someone could just purchase the house for me I’d be forever grateful.

Amazing right? There is so much to love but that backyard is my favorite feature. It has everything I could hope for in a house. It’s good to know my dream house is under a million dollars. lol.

Anyways, San Clemente was a fun time. We ate at a local hamburger stand and went to the beach. We drove to Dana Point and walked around. Here are a few pictures from our time in the OC. Needless to say Avery belongs at the beach so we have to find a way to make that happen 🙂

















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