A cranky Avery is a sleep deprived mommy..

Wow its been a bit and a TON has been going on. Lately has been completely draining. We are going through the 18 month sleep regression stage. Like most people I had never heard of this prior to last night. Apparently, around 18 months or in our case 15 months everything we’ve taught Avery about sleep is flushed down the drain. The past week has been awful. She has been staying up late, screaming (like border line going to hurt her vocal cords screaming) when its bed time. waking up in the middle of the night ready to play, and naps? They are non-existent. It’s been rough. Trying to diagnose Avery was tricky. I originally thought she was teething. Then when she was waking up in the middle of the night I thought she had night terrors. Then I realized she was crying before she went to bed so  thought she had separation anxiety, and finally we determined it’s sleep regression. Basically she’s in a huge growth spurt in her life where she’s becoming independent and wants to explore everything in life. During this time children are sooo excited to play they don’t want to sleep. At first we were keeping her up late, then we moved to having her play it out in her room until she passed out on her floor. Last night, we tried letting her cry it out. 45 minutes of the worst screaming and crying and she exhausted herself to sleep. The good thing is we were able to pinpoint the issue, the downside is this can last 2-6 weeks. Hopefully crying it out will help her get back to a routine. It’s so hard hearing her scream but hopefully she catches on quick that bedtime means sleep-time. 

I didn’t realize until now how lucky we have been with her sleeping. She has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks so being up all hours of the night with her has been rough. Earlier this week more than ever I wished I was a stay at home mom because of my exhaustion. Last night I felt like a zombie as the night rolled on but of course bed time came and there I was wide awake struggling to fall asleep. 

Anyways, on to more exciting things.  Two weeks ago Avery spent the weekend with Chad’s parents so we could go to Las Vegas. This was the longest we have gone without seeing Avery and the longest time she’s spent with Chad’s parents. Dropping her off at daycare that day broke my heart. I was on the verge of crying. However, once we got on the road I knew she’d be fine and she was.Vegas was so much fun! We were there for a UFC convention which I skipped. It was fun getting out and being adults again as opposed to parents. I love being a mom but going to Vegas reminded me of my life prior to pregnancy and parenthood. It was nice to let loose and have fun with good friends! I loved picking Avery up on Sunday. It was awesome seeing her reaction once she realized who we are. I don’t think I could have gone much longer than a weekend without seeing her. 

Before we left we celebrated the fourth of July with Avery which was so fun. She loved the fireworks and she looked so adorable in her hello kitty 4th of July t-shirt. Smart tip: I usually buy all her holiday apparel the day after the holiday. I already have her 4th of July outfit for next year which I got 70% off. 

Today she turns 15 months and its so fun watching her grow up. Her favorite things currently are her mega blocks and reading. She loves to read. At daycare she spends a lot of time reading and not just flipping through the books but looking at each page. She also recently has taken up coloring and painting which she loved. I can’t wait to continue seeing her personality form and see what other fun activities she gets into. On August 10th she is attending her first class at The Little Gym. Hopefully this will continue to stimulate her and get used to being around kids her own age.

Speaking of, in my last writing I spoke about the mom group I joined on meetup.com. I’ve attended a few events but I decided to take it a step further and create my own meet up group. The groups I was apart of either didn’t meet very often or didn’t necessarily have events I wanted to attend.  It’s been fun watching the group grow and last weekend we had our first event which was going to a museum at ASU for a kids event. It ended up being a little chaotic since it was so busy but it was so much fun meeting other mom’s. This weekend is our second event which should be fun. A huge part of creating my own group was for personal growth. I’m working really hard to kick my shyness and I thought this would be a great way plus I can create events I want to attend.  I’m excited for Avery to meet kids and hopefully these will be people we will make good friendships with. If anyone in Phoenix wants to join the group feel free to http://www.meetup.com/Moms-in-East-Valley-looking-to-have-fun/ 

This month is two important birthday’s in our house as well. Roxie turned 7 years old at the beginning of July and this week Cooper turns 4 years old. I can’t believe Roxie is 7 years old. She was my first baby and she has almost been with us through most of Chad and I’s relationship. It also hasn’t felt like 2 years since we’ve had Cooper. He is still as needy as ever but such a sweet dog. Addie and Bailey are also doing well. Bailey is as lazy as ever and Addie is currently at my feet as I type this.

Here’s a few pictures of what we’ve been up to! 🙂

 Avery’s two favorite stuffed animals Brobee and Sully


She loves homemade popsicles



Reading is her favorite!










The UFC Convention 




Carlos Condit! Probably only one of the few fighters I can identify. 



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