Hot Hot Arizona

Last Summer Avery was still an itty bitty thing so we didn’t have to worry about entertaining her because she wasn’t doing much. This year is a completely different story. I feel like she needs to be constantly stimulated. If we lived in most states we could go outdoors with her in the evening. However, in Arizona this is our winter. We are in hibernation and do not spend any time outside for activities. 

As I was driving home from work yesterday I became sad. Avery is going to grow up only knowing nice weather and miserable weather. She will never get to experience four seasons. It’s funny considering  I didn’t grow up with seasons either but when I lived in Missouri I did and I loved fall. When I think about my love for the fall season it makes me temporarily consider moving back to the midwest. Then I remember the winter, and the humid summers. Where does one live to get a mild version of each season?

Anyways, totally got off track there. The point is with the hot heat I’ve had to get creative with keeping Avery busy. She’s hit a phase where she is too big for her baby toys but not quite old enough for big kid toys. We bought her mega blocks (basically huge legos) but she needs constant stimulation. 

Thanks goodness for pinterest, without it my life would be incomplete. Maybe a slight exaggeration but its seriously helped me with my quest of keeping Avery occupied.

Activity Number 1: Painting

Back when I was on maternity leave I had high hopes of making canvas art. Exhaustion crept in and that never happened. So when I saw painting on canvas I knew it would be perfect for Avery. I looked on pinterest for a paint recipe. I won’t even bother posting the recipe I used since it was nothing like a paint consistency. When it dried it dried chunky. LOL.  Avery had tons of fun and LOVED playing in the “paint” and now we have something fun to hang in her room that she made!




Sorry the quality of this picture sucks due to it being taken on my cell phone


With the left over “paint” I put it in a plastic bag for her to play with. I may have got more enjoyment out of it then Avery did. For the record about two weeks into this creation the dogs got a hold of it and ate the paint. Thankfully it was non-toxic so not really an issue. 



Finally, I found a project involving craft sticks and Velcro. Avery. liked pulling the sticks apart. It kept her busy but I once again probably enjoyed playing with them more than she did. What does this say about me? lol



I have a few more projects for Avery coming up which include homemade playdough, a bird feeder, and homemade sand (say what?!?!!?). Hopefully those are more stimulating for her and if not I will probably get enjoyment out of it lol.




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