Farewell Corolla

I know its ridiculous to write a farewell post to my car. However, I can’t describe the bitter-sweetness of selling my Corolla without getting teary eyed and choked up. What was so special about my Corolla?

I bought my Toyota Corolla a month after moving to Arizona. It crossed so many milestones in my life with me. It was the vehicle we used to move some of our stuff when we moved into our house, it was the car that was driven the day I got married, it was the car we brought Avery home from the hospital in and the only car she rode in the first month of her life.  While I’m beyond thrilled with my new car it’s still bittersweet to sell the car that was with me in so many events in my life.

Expect a similar post if we ever sell our house! lol.

April 2008 – August 2013 – For the record the new owner of the vehicle was beyond thrilled to give the Corolla lots of love and TLC!



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