Mommy and Avery dates are the best!!!

These past few weeks have been super exciting in our life! For one, my best friend just had a baby! Prior to parenthood I would have been excited for someone to have a baby but upright bawling like a baby? Probably not. Yet there I was sobbing uncontrollably over the birth of their baby while trying to work-out. For the record its a bad idea.  Something about parents meeting their baby for the first time instantly draws tears to my eyes. I don’t know if its because it brings back such vivid memories of meeting Avery for the first time but again prior to parenthood I would not have bawled like a baby at such exciting news. I love that my friends are taking the journey into parenthood. It’s the best thing and I can’t wait to see everyone’s precious little babies!

This is definitely baby season, I feel like everyone and their mother is about to have a baby. Okay, another one of my many exaggerations but I seriously know 10 or so people who have or about to have babies. Each birth is so exciting but does it make me want another? Eh not at this exact moment. Babies are so small and sweet but I really am enjoying the direction our baby is headed which is such a fun stage. i wouldn’t want to be pregnant through this exciting time in her life. 

Speaking of, this week was a fun one for Avery and I. Monday we had a mommy/daughter afternoon together. I want to make it more of a habit to take time during the week to hang out with her. Maybe once every couple of months. We kicked off our afternoon at the library. She is so into reading so I figured this would be a great opportunity for her to read. However, when given the chance to run or read it turns out Avery prefers running. The library didn’t go over as well as it had a few months ago when we went. Then we went to the mall and walked around. I know what your thinking, an indoor mall, right? Uh wrong! I went to the mall closest to us which is an outdoor mall. All things considered it wasn’t obscenely hot. I mean at one point all the misters shut off due to the “cool” breeze. Avery and I shared a pretzel, got our photos done in the photobooth, and rode a bus. Then we went to Target. We were both exhausted.

Yesterday morning Avery had a class at the little gym. I think its super important that she is exposed to kids her own age develop her motor skills. The class was a lot of fun until the point another little girl came up and hit her. It all went downhill from there she screamed and screamed. Then she calmed down but then her and another little boy ran into each other and the screaming started again. I think she was tired. However the class ended well and she had so much fun playing with bubbles. We are going to try another gym out and see if she likes it more.

Last night we had a mommy/daughter date at the zoo. Originally we were supposed to meet some other mom’s from my mom group but at the last minute everyone cancelled or didn’t show up. First off, a top pet peeve is flakiness. I get things come up but its like one person cancelled and within an hour like 7 others did too. It worked out because once I got there and waited for like 20 minutes I decided I’d rather it be just Avery and I. We had fun but it was one of those breakthrough moments for me. It’s not that I don’t like doing things by myself but I probably wouldn’t have typically taken Avery by myself to the zoo. I felt a little lame at first having no one with me but I made the most of it and we had fun especially once the sun went down and it cooled off. 

Anyways, that’s about it for now! Have a wonderful day!!


I love this shot with Chad in the background!Image

ImageThis seems like such an uncomfortable way to lay on the couch!Image



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