If 40 is the new 30 than what is 30?

Is 30 the new 20?  I don’t know that I want to relive my 20th year again. No offense to the 20 year old version of myself but I was an idiot. I drank too much, I partied, I made bad decisions, and I was so unsure of myself at 20. I don’t personally want to revert back to those years.

However, this already got me thinking to my 31st birthday and I would like  to have a 31 is the new 21 party. Basically it’d consist of a night of binge drinking, like someone would do for their 21st birthday.  10 years later. I’d like to see who can hang like they are still 21. I would for sure fail this test.

Anyways, I hate when people ask me how I feel about turning 30. I honestly have no idea. It’s sad to be leaving my 20’s but I’m determined to make my 30’s my favorite time in life. I want to be the person I always knew I could be.

I want to try new and adventurous things. I want to put myself in situations I wouldn’t typically put myself in to help me continue growing as a person. I want to find hobbies and interests I’m truly passionate about and determine what the heck I want to do with my life. I think this goes unspoken but I also want continue being an amazing mommy to Avery and dog mom to the pups and of course  being the best wife I can be for Chad. My 30’s honestly sound exhausting lol 

I’ve come up with a mini list of things I’d like to do in my first year of my 30’s.

1. Go Rock Climbing (at a gym but maybe eventually outdoors)

2. Go kayaking 

3.  2 weeks of eating only local/homemade food 

4. Go to Sedona

5. Plan my trip to Europe..and go to Europe! 

6. Figure out my passions in life and determine how to make a career out of what I’m passionate about

7. Take a painting class

8. Learn to Sew

9. Stop comparing myself to others 

10. Read 30 books in my 30th year of life

I realize this is an extremely random list of things. However, these give me goals and I have an entire year to complete them. So my question is can you recommend a book for me to read? The one good thing is I’m not a reader so any book suggestion is appreciated! 

Anyways, so there it is my true feelings about leaving my 20’s and entering my 30’s. Who knows, maybe once I hit 30 my world will be rocked upside down and my thoughts on this will completely change. For now I’m going to embrace turning 30. 



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