Avery turned 16 months last week.It didn’t kick off to a good start. She spent it at the doctors due to a high fever. Her doctor said she had “Summer Crud” and there wasn’t anything we could do but monitor the situation. Our full of energy toddler suddenly was taking two naps during the weekend, extremely fussy and hardly eating. Turns out she was just teething (I think). This week a ton of new teeth sprouted up. The funny thing about her teeth is there are probably 6 to 8 teeth on top and only 2 on the bottom. I wish I could get a picture but I’m not sure she will ever let me.

I’ve talked about teething before but I think the most frustrating aspect of teething is never knowing if she is teething or if it’s something else. There are so many symptoms to teething and I’d even say various levels of teething. Someday’s she can be happy and teething and someday’s it’s beyond miserable and nothing can calm her down. This process would be so much better if she could tell us what is wrong. The guessing game is hard especially if we aren’t troubleshooting properly.

Anyways, enough about teething. I feel like each month I say it’s my favorite month but 16 months is really blowing a lot of other months out of the water. Avery’s personality is really starting to shine and she is hilarious. It’s amazing how one little 16 month old can instantly turn a bad day into a good day or a good day into a fantastic day. 

The one perk is Avery is now excited to see me when I pick her up from daycare. She runs to me for a hug and it melts my heart. This week she learned to say buh-bye and wave bye. One evening we were watching yo gabba gabba and when the show ended and the rolling credits came up she waved at the tv and said buh bye, which was the cutest flippin thing ever, baby voices might be in my top 20 favorite things.

Avery has also learned how to climb and now can be found spending her nights climbing on and off of furniture. I love when she learns how to do something new. Not only am I proud but she is proud of herself too. 

I probably don’t say this outloud enough but I love being a mom. It’s such a rewarding experience. I have so much fun with Avery and I love her sooo incredibly much, even those days when I’m completely exhausted or have a headache from all her crying. If your not a parent I’d suggest becoming one, I don’t think you’d regret it! 

Some pictures off my phone of what Avery has been up to

Hanging out with Roxie!

roxie and aves


It’s probably not noticeable but this is the closest pic I’ve been able to take that shows her top and bottom teethavery teeth

I actually really enjoy that the purple monster and I have almost identical facial expressionsmommy and monster



Avery loves her baby doll and stroller that she has at daycare. She will probably be asking for this combo for Christmas for at homebabies having babies

avery baseball cap


Avery felt so exhausted when she was sick she was laying on the ground for rest 😦

avery on floor


Avery and Bailey have a special relationship. Bailey has learned the best spot to get hand fed by Averybailey and aves

Avery was not as amused by her hair style as I was.

Not Amused


Mommy and Avery resting while she was sick.

mommy and aves


Nothing is better than cuddles from daddy when your not feeling well.



bailey and avery 2


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