Day 10: Ten songs on shuffle

This proved to be a little more challenging since I don’t have a mp3 player anymore. My itunes is completely out of date so I’m sure these songs are all very old but here we go..

1. Goo Goo Dolls: Before it’s too late- Not even sure I have heard this song before tonight but I am enjoying it…Johnny Resnick (probably butchering the spelling of his name) has a semi sexy voice.

2. Dave Matthews Band: Best of what’s around- I’m sure DMB will appear on this list again. I have A LOT of their cd’s.

3. Michael Buble- Try a little tenderness- Definitely have never heard this ballad before. It’s great he has a old sounding voice but I like his upbeat music more than his lounge style sounds.

4. Lucky Boys Confusion: Something to Believe- This is a great song! Most people aren’t familiar with LBC but they are a great pop/punk band from chi-town. They have some catchy tunes and they put on a great show. This is probably one of my favorite songs by them! I’m actually really happy this song came up!

5. Enrique Iglesia: Ruleta Rusa- This song is definitely in Spanish but I actually love the chorus it’s pretty catchy. Does anyone else ever feel like they are fluent in Spanish when they can sing part of a song in Spanish? lol

6. Snow Patrol: The Finish Line – I only take the time to listen to about 4 Snow Patrol songs and this is not one of them. It’s too slow for me…next 🙂

7. Christina Aguilera: Woo Hoo- I’m honestly not even sure why I have this cd, probably for one or two songs and I don’t think “Woo Hoo” was originally one of those songs. However, the song is pretty catchy/maybe inappropriate? I actually think this would be a fun song to listen to while running on the treadmill.

8.  Fall Out Boy: Nobody puts baby in the corner- Great song but I really don’t think FOB can have any bad songs in my world, except when they covered “Beat it” by MJ…just not a fan of that song in general. However, FOB is my guilty pleasure band. I think I associate them with being pregnant since I listened to them a ton since it made Avery’s kick a lot! Plus their songs are so catchy and upbeat. They are great to work out to.

9. O.A.R: Something Coming Over – Love OAR and this song is so cute! On a side note about O.A.R they put on a great show, one of my fav bands!

10. The Ataris: Take off and landings- Decent song but the cd this is from, So Long Astoria reminds me of high school and a road trip Big Sur. I listened to this cd on repeat the whole way there. 

So there you have it. I actually think its a good representation of my music tastes. 

What 10 songs randomly play for you?

P.S. Song 11 would be Incubus – When it comes …great band 🙂


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