Coolest Toddler in the GLB! :)

For anyone who doesn’t know GLB is Gilbert…I may have made that up right now but I am going to try and make it a thing. LOL . Anyways, it’s hard to believe but Avery is almost a year and half! Time seriously goes wayyyy too fast with a kid. I love this new stage of her life. She is so animated and so fun to be with. She has such a personality on her and I can’t wait till she starts saying more.  Since it’s been a while since I’ve done an update on her it may be best just to do an update in pictures. The whole reason I initially started this blog was so I didn’t become the annoying facebook friend who post tons of pictures and videos of their kid. I realize not everyone has a kid like me. While I think Avery is the cutest thing I am realistic that everyone else who knows me or met me once but we are facebook friends anyways could care less about my baby. That being said I have been going a little crazy on facebook so it’s time to do a picture unload and calm me down so people don’t find me completely annoying. LOL. On a related note, for all the parents out there please keep posting pictures of your baby. Baby pictures do not annoy me in the slightest.

Soooo here we go!!!

Earlier this Summer I found an awesome website on pinterest called Books by the foot. Basically this website ships out used books. It was 12.99 for 100 books. The catch was the shipping. It cost about 32.00 in shipping. Regardless, it came out to under 50 cents a book. The negative was this website got too big and it took about 8 weeks to receive the books. Since they were limited on books it wasn’t limited to children books like it was originally supposed to. Avery has books until she graduates high school. LOL. Anyways, it was a fun little surprise when the books came.  This is Avery posing with all her books! For more info visit





So I really wish I was good at doing hair. This is my attempts at doing pigtails for Avery.IMG_0033

Avery does not seem to happy in this picture but I still think it’s adorableIMG_0036

I have not been consistent with this. I will say at 17 months Avery absolutely loves Bubbles. We had a phase where she knew where we kept the bubbles and would scream until she got bubbles. I really hated bubbles for about a week lol. She also loves to play in the rain/water and absolutely loves to be outside. Every day when we get home from work she runs to the front door because we have to go check the mail. She is definitely a creature of habitIMG_0042

One night I thought it’d be cute to put her in my jersey. I think babies in adult clothes is the cutest thing! lolIMG_0070

My ” mom what the heck am I wearing look” Sadly, for Avery this is not the first time she has given me this look. IMG_0073

I’ve really been working on trying to get all four dogs in a picture together. Christmas cards are right around the corner! This is my best attempts probably to date….which is pretty sad lolIMG_0074

One of my favorite pictures of Chad and Avery together. Avery also loooovvves to be in the air!IMG_0088

Avery loves to pose for the camera. I absolutely adore this picture of her. She is such a beautiful baby!IMG_0092

Also she is the happiest little thing…except the times she doesn’t nap and teething then it’s questionable lol.IMG_0100

She loves when we chase her and say “I’m gonna get you” she takes off running and laughing.IMG_0119

This is from today. We went to a picnic where Avery fell in love with this little tricycle.  IMG_0134



I take so many pictures of Avery and Avery and Chad but never Avery and I or the three of us. Something I’m going to work on.  By the way I feel like my skin is glowing in this picture…like a pregnancy glow…without the pregnancy lol. Photo: :)

Well this is a new way to fly a kite…attempt 1 at flying a kite I would say was unsuccessful20131013_122342[1]

Avery loves to play dress up at daycare..this was hat day at daycare..she is a DBack playeravery baseball cap

I love how sweet this picture is. She loves walking her baby at daycare. Babies walking babies, adorable! lolbabies having babies

Probably my favorite craft Avery has made at daycare. October has brought some fun crafts for us!boo

Avery aka Cinderella! She loves to play dress up, overall she is an awesome baby!dressup

Her favorite thing ever is reading! Even tonight when I put her to bed she took a book to read in her crib. I hope she remains a little book worm. This is her reading area at daycare where she can often be found! reading area

Avery loves going to the park. One afternoon I took her to the park in our subdivision and she was more into people watching then actually playing. lol. I think there were too many big kids for her to really do much playing20130927_175634.jpg

This is at the park at Chad’s parents subdivision. This girl LOVES to swing! We just need to teach her to pump her legs 20130928_183817.jpg

Speaking of things Avery loves, She LOVES eating Popsicles. Usually I make them for her but this is at daycare!20131009_164931.jpg

Lol I love this picture. This was at a paint party we went to a few weeks ago at a friends house. 20130921_110129.jpg

My favorite thing is having a mommy/Avery date night. I try to do them once a month with her. Sure she won’t remember them but I do. I love traditions and this is one I can do with her as she gets older. This month we did movie in the park and saw Hotel Transylvania. I loved cuddling with her as we watched the movie.20131011_181749.jpg

I could photograph her all day long. She has the best facial expressions, the most gorgeous blue eyes and seriously one of the cutest kids I’ve even seen. I know everyone says that about their kids and trust me I’ve seen a lot of cute kids but I think she gives those kids a run for her money lol.                                                                20131011_181701.jpg

Anyways, I guess that doesn’t tell much about what we’ve been up to but truthfully probably all you cared was to see was pictures of Avery, right?

This is just a mental note to myself but I still need to share part II of keeping Avery busy, plus we are leaving this week to go to Missouri so that will be an adventure to share. 

Anyways, thanks for reading! I should hopefully be more consistent. I keep trying to do 30 day challenges. Last month was a writing one which I totally failed at but it put me out of commission for the month of September. lol

Keep reaching for the stars!!! 🙂


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