There is something about the midwest….

What I’ve learned about travelling is that it makes me want to move. When I visit San Diego I come home determined to find a way to move back. When I visited New Mexico I saw the positive and  wanted to their as well. Honestly,  it would still be my number three place to live. However, I never would have anticipated visiting Missouri and wanting to move back. Missouri was the place I had a love/hate relationship with. It wasn’t surprising I would visit in the fall and love it. What shocked me I loved it so much that I realistically thought about ways to move back. I think there are so many reasons I love Missouri. I love the fall and visiting in the fall made me realize how much I love it there. I miss crisp air. I miss character in the cities and houses, I miss small towns, and I miss friends and family. Does this mean we would move back? Probably not but it is more realistic than than San Diego. For starters, we could sell our house here and make enough money to put 20% on a nice house in Kansas City. Avery would get to experience all four seasons which is something I never had growing up. She would have tons of family within a few hours of her and it’d give me the opportunity to find a job I am actually interested in doing. However, could I handle the cold weather again? I think I might be able to tolerate it.  The flaw with Springfield was it was a smaller crappy city but KC is huge and I like big cities. I think it’d be a trade off I could live with. I even found the city I’d live in which is Parkville, Missouri. I loved that city. It had a huge park which I absolutely loved. They had a farmers market, the city is small but within a huge city. It’s everything Springfield and Gilbert are not. This would be if I could live anywhere in the KC area.

Just in case anyone wants to read more about the city

I also have found a house that while isn’t perfect is affordable enough to where we can make upgrades and it has a basement

Realistically, we’d probably live on the Kansas side of Kansas City just because Parkville is expensive to live in. After doing much research I’d live in Overland Park, Kansas. It was ranked the number 9 best city to live in last year (Gilbert was number 33),  Chad says I should visit Kansas City in the middle of winter and see if I still want to live in the midwest. I accepted his challenge and am planning to visit in January with my mom and Aunt. I guess that will be the true test.  On paper Kansas City looks good but it complicates things with Chad’s mom and step-dad living in Arizona and most of my family living in San DIego. I’m just not sure what the best solution is so for the time being we will stay in Arizona and enjoy the nice weather while I determine what I want in life….location wise. lol.

Anyways, so our trip was awesome and I wasn’t ready to leave. The only downside was Avery did not adjust well to the time difference. She didn’t sleep the best but she could have done a lot worse. We mostly visited with family but the one thing I love about Chad’s family is he has so much family. Avery got to see her great great grandma which I think is so rare for kids to experience. Maybe Avery wont remember her but we have the pictures. Avery made a ton of new friends this trip which makes me excited for future trips to Missouri for her to be reunited with them.  Since we only spent a few hours in Springfield I wasn’t nostalgic on this trip I just enjoyed my time and now want to figure out what the heck I want in life. Maybe it’s Missouri, maybe it’s a nicer house in Gilbert, it’s probably California but time will tell.

Anyways, here is a picture overload!

































Avery surviving her second plan ride! She was so happy to be able to run around at the airport


Chad and his brother as kids. Chad was such a cute kid and I love that him and Cory have matching jeans!chadandcory

i love avery


Avery loved riding on the bus and sitting in a seat like a big girl. She is growing up way too fast!onabus

parkville, mo

playing with trucks

red trees and american flags

so pretty


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