Shocking News from the Smith household…

That’s right I’ve grabbed your attention. I am going to share some potentially ground shattering news but not without first sharing a background to my news…So here we go and as a side note please ignore my incomplete thoughts, lack of flow to this blog, grammatical errors, horrible punctuation, and try to enjoy my awful writing styles.

I never really spoke much about turning 30. it started rough since I was really sick and then not even a month later I was sick again. However, with any age I like to set goals for myself. I know I touched on some of them in another post but the one thing I’ve truly acted upon since turning 30 is trying new things and taking risks in life.

I want my 30’s to be my most memorable years of my life because let’s be real I’m already forgetting my early 20’s.

The past few weeks I’ve done things I wouldn’t normally do. So the next few blogs will be about what the heck I’ve been up to.

The biggest piece of news is I started my own business. Okay maybe this isn’t completely crazy seeing as I’ve been dog sitting as a side gig for the past few years. However, about a month ago I went to a friends party for L’dara anti-aging skin care. If someone would have told me I was going to be sold on the product and invest in the company I would have told them, “shut up, you’re crazy, Chad would NEVER go for that,” However, this is exactly what happened. I went to the presentation, I like what I heard and once I told Chad about the opportunity he saw the potential and we signed up.  Talk about feeling out of my comfort zone. I wanted my 30’s to challenge me and starting L’dara has. It’s been uncomfortable because I don’t want to be the pushy friend who only tries to sell you on a product. However, it’s a great product. It’s started slow but last week things have really started to take off- I’ve had people sign up, people are interested in the product, and as the word is spreading about what I’m doing my confidence is starting to gain as well. 

You might be wondering why I would take on another job that would cause me to spend less time with Avery. In all honesty, to this point Avery has been working with me every step of the way since starting my L’dara journey.

As Avery continues to get older it’s made it harder for me to want to go to work everyday. When she was a baby she slept most the day so I didn’t really feel like I was missing too much besides staring at her all day and holding and kissing her. The past few months have been especially hard because she is so active. She is talking more and I feel like I miss more important things at this stage in life then when she was going through milestones. Honestly, it’s cool to be there the first time a baby crawls but crawling is always going to be the same. However, now that she is talking I feel like her talking milestones are far more important. I hate when I’m not with her during the day and she learns a new word or says a new word in the correct context or says something silly. As her speech develops I’m not going to have the opportunity to hear the funny things that come out of her mouth and that makes me really sad.

Prior to L’dara I was trying to figure out a way to be with Avery more and to maintain the lifestyle we have. The truth is I couldn’t figure it out, I need to work. Sure we could stop eating out, travelling, buying Avery whatever we want at the blink of an eye, but that’s not us. We like to have the extra money to do those things and sure if we tried to we could probably scrape by on Chad’s income but neither of us want to go that route , so I have to do the 7-4 grind. Does it suck? Yes, but starting L’dara has helped me come up with a plan for my future and given me goals.

So this is where the juicy stuff starts to come into action.

Ultimately my goal is to work less. I truly believe L’dara is going to give me that opportunity. It’s a new company so it’s not saturated like other relationship marketing based companies. I’m getting in at the top which is how I believe you have the most success. One of the top people in the company was at my house Saturday night so please anyone who sells Pampered Chef, Gold Canyon Candles, Avon or any other relationship marketing companies please tell me if you have met someone at the top or had them in your house giving presentations. I could be wrong but I’m not sure that it happens. Anyways, if I keep pushing hard I’m hoping in a year from now to either work part-time or be a stay at home mom. I would enjoy it more and I’d be so much happier in life. 

Then a few weeks ago Chad said something that absolutely blew my mind and if you know Chad it will blow your mind too. So Chad has been firm about only wanting one kid, a very spoiled only child. I understand his reasoning which are mostly tied to the cost of a second child and I don’t blame him the slightest. Kids can be expensive, especially while needing daycare. However, that being said I really want another kid. I think a second kid would complete our family. The topic of kids comes up frequently in our household. It’s something that in a year from now I’d like to think about as a possibility. Chad has said if I was a stay at home mom because of my success with L’dara at that point we could have another baby because we wouldn’t be paying for daycare since I’d be at home. I also think family and friends in the midwest helped him realize how great a sibling for Avery would be. Again, if anyone knows Chad then you know this is huge and not just huge but shocking! 

I really want Avery to have a sibling so this is even more motivation to succeed. Again I’ve given myself a year for all of this to happen. While success can happen over night I am realistic that I signed up with a company where you have to work hard. Success can happen overnight with L’dara but the money is going to take longer before I can get to quitting status with my job. lol. I hope this takes off bigger than I could ever imagine and I hope all my dearest family and friends are right there with me and we are living a sweet life of margaritas on the beach and our toes in the sand in the middle of January!

So there it is the huge news! So if you want Avery to have a sibling you should at the minimum help me spread the word about what I’m doing. Every bit helps and I’m determined to be at home with my sweet baby girl!!!! If you are looking for options on how to look younger or wanting to make extra money please let me know. it takes a village to raise a child but it takes family and friends to help a determined mom stay home with her daughter! So keep me in your thoughts, keep your fingers crossed, send me all your positive vibes and hopefully in a year or less from now I can write about my first day home with Avery and what we did!


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