My past in pictures

Lately I’ve spent my time on facebook looking at old pictures/albums through the years. Here are some fun facts about wasting time looking at my old albums

1. I took pictures of everything 

2. Because I took pictures of everything my life looks a lot lamer than it actually was/is

3 I was very vein. I took a lot of selfies. 

4. i love looking back on pictures and reliving the memories.

5. I actually used to have more albums and decided one day in Missouri to consolidate some of the albums into one which I regret doing

6. I love that my life is documented all in one place

7. I miss a lot of people who were in these pictures that I don’t see regularly or even talk to anymore. The thing about growing up and moving away is losing contact with people, seeing friendships fade and it’s sad

8. I kinda liked my hair shorter and may consider cutting it next week

9. I miss Missouri but I also miss California

10. I love my life

And for the heck of it here are some of my fav pics I stumbled across

Largest jacket I’ve ever seen in my life

I used to have a ton of fun warm hats in College this was one I wore a

Puppy Roxie and I and my track jacket…boy did we love track jackets.

Roxie in her winter sweater…

Someone drunk took this picture of us, kinda lol

This picture was a full circle experience since my first job was at sea world and I often ate lunch in this area 

The time I thought I was a gymnast and was landing the perfect cartwheel, epic fail

The Halloween costume that made absolute no sense

bahahah so dramatic, I guess Avery gets that from me 🙂

I miss Bailey and Addie being so tiny 

Halloween 2007

Halloween 08

The Grand Canyon


Country music and 40’s that are half my size lol

Lol  love my Crystal

Us in San Fran boy was it windy when we visited but a fun trip with friends

My cheesy sweater

Lol this might be my favorite picture

I want to go back to Cabo!!!

The time Amanda and I accidentally stumbled onto the nude beach…one of my favorite memories because of the realization of where we were

I loved being on a cruise because of all the cheesy pictures they took

Love of my life 🙂

And the awesome little life we’ve created for ourselves



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