This is the best time of the year. The weather is cooler in Arizona, the holidays are approaching, and I have more paid time off work. We just celebrated Thanksgiving and while Thanksgiving food isn’t my favorite I do appreciate the concept behind it. I love to reflect on the past year and about the things I’m thankful for. In no particular order here they are.

1. Chad, Avery and the pups- Avery is the reason I wake up each morning and strive to be a better person. I’m so thankful that she is in our life and is healthy, happy, and continuing to develop into an amazing little lady. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing this alone and I hope that is never the case. Having Chad by my side means the world to me. I will admit he is better with Avery than I am at times and adores her so much.. She is such a daddy’s girl and I love to see them together. I never had a relationship like that with my dad so I’m incredibly lucky that Avery will get to have that close relationship with Chad. As a team Chad and I balance each other well and I’m so thankful that Avery has brought us and our marriage closer. I also love and adore our pups. They have been awesome with Avery, they handle her roughness well and are still sweet to her. We are incredible lucky.

2, My family- I’m so thankful my mom was able to come visit for Thanksgiving and bring my cousin with her. I absolutely love anytime I can see family. I wish my family lived closer but I’m grateful to see them when I do. I appreciate all the love and support both of our families give Avery and how willing they are to help us out whenever we need it.

3. Friends- I am so thankful for the friendships that have remained strong through the years, the casual friendships that are close friendships and the new friendships that I’ve made this past year. In all these friendships the thing I appreciate the most is the love everyone continues to have for Avery. People loving and playing with Avery means so much to me. I also am so thankful for the support friends are giving me while I take new chances in our life with starting my own business. Having a supportive friends who is willing to go out there and help me succeed means so much to me.

4. Health- I’m lucky that we are all still healthy. 2014 I want to make sure and change our habits so Avery knows we are a family that is healthy and we work out to remain healthy. 

5. Everything- Truthfully, when it comes down to it I’m thankful for everything. I’m thankful that we both have jobs, we love and want to be around each other, our health, a nice house, money to be able to afford our bill and the things we want in life. I’m thankful for the opportunities and goals we have for our future and thankful for everyone who loves and support us through the good and bad times in our life.

Our thanksgiving was wonderful. My mom and cousin came to Arizona to celebrate with us.I made an amazing Kale salad. Perhaps sometime I will start sharing the delicious recipes I ocassionally make. Unfortunately we didn’t really get the thanksgiving pictures I had hoped for. Avery didn’t nap and by the time I tried taking pictures she wasn’t having it. Here are the best of what I could get

Displaying 20131128_165402.jpg

Displaying 20131128_115140.jpg


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