Dream Board

The one thing I love about starting my own business is setting goals for myself. Professionally I’ve never really done that since I’ve always been in jobs I’ve never wanted to stay at for long periods of time. L’dara has really helped me set goals for myself and my family. They always mention creating a dream board. Honestly, the first few times I heard this I thought it was cheesy. I also never imagined creating one. However, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what I’m working towards so I need a dream board. In an ideal world  I would get a poster board and grab magazines and spend hours cutting out things that fit my goals and dreams.  Kinda like this

2014 O Dream Board

Since this is 2014 and for time and technology purposes I am going to post them on my blog. That way whenever I need a reminder on why I am pushing myself with two jobs I can remember what my goals are. As a reader/stalker of my blog please ask me from time to time how close I am to accomplishing my goals.

Anyways here is my dream blog lol

1. Stay at home mom

I really want to stay at home with Avery. I hate that I spend my days away from her it makes me incredibly sad. So this is one of my first goals.. Realistically it probably won’t be for another year but ideally I’d love for it to be around her 2nd birthday. Being at home with her would allow me to help develop her, keep the house more in order, and cook more nutritious meals for the family.

Stay at home mom 

2. Baby Number Two

In an ideal world next Summer I’d get pregnant with baby number two. For the record this is NOT how I would inform Chad I was pregnant. lol. Anyways, I’d love for Avery to have a sibling and we can only do that if I’m a stay at home mom.

My pregnancy announcement to Cory. Our baby was too beautiful for earth <3 ready for baby number#2

.3. Student Loans-

I owe under 10k in student loans but I’d love to owe nothing and have an extra 250.00 in my pocket each month.

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4. Larger House- 

I know I’m spoiled but if we had another kid we’d need another house. I know it’s ridiculous seeing as we have an almost 2,000 square foot house. Ideally we’d like 4-5 bedrooms and a den. I’d also love a “Christmas” room which would the rest of the year be a wasted space. lol kidding but it’s primary use would be for Christmas. 

2011 Choosig Cheerful Christmas

 5. Vacation Home in San Diego

Let me start off by saying this dream is probably somewhere down the road like 5-10 years. However, I believe that we will be successful enough to have a condo in San Diego. In an ideal world Chad and I both would only be working for L’dara so we could pack up and spend our summers in San Diego. This is wishful thinking but I do think at some point in our future we could have a small property to call home when we visit San Diego.

Downtown San Diego condo

6. Travel

Of course I’d want to travel more. In no order I’d love to go to Greece, Seychelles, London, Australia and Turks and Caicos

Greece Get your perfect Travel Plan for Santorini at www.Guidora.com

A thousand miles off the coast of Africa, the 115 islands of the Seychelles scatter like gemstones across the blue expanse of the Indian Ocean >>> has anyone been here?

Thamas River London I would love to see this in person. Love Robin. T.  (f6b27470cf93c2530d535e7825da72c1.jpg (683×1024)

Mancano pochi giorni all'inizio della spedizione in Australia per effettuare il servizio fotografico 3D che porteremo in giro per l'Italia nel 2014. In questi giorni stiamo pianificando gli scatti che faremo. Avete suggerimenti? Ci concentreremo soprattutto sul South Australia e poi Sydney, Red Center, Melbourne e...... sorpresa! Durante il viaggio vi terremo informati!

I can see myself under one of those umbrellas.

7. Volunteer

Time is something I lack right now but if time wasn’t an object I’d want to volunteer as a family..

Thank you to our volunteers who are already making a difference!

8. Maid

If we could afford it a maid would be nice. Truthfully, I feel like I do a lousy job at cleaning but a maid would free up even more time for me.

Any true dream house would include a maid/housekeeper!!

9. Support Avery and any other kid we may have in the future

If the funds were available I’d love to help pay for my kid’s education and an other big life event they may have. I wouldn’t want to pay for it all, Not because I’m greedy but I worked harder in school when it was my money going towards my education. That being said I’d love for my kids to only have a few thousand dollars in debt.

Tips on how to pay for college!


10. Retirement-

Lastly, I’d want to make sure we have enough money to retire and still be able to travel and do anything we want.


So there it is my dream board. I’m sure it will change and I’m sure I will think of more things to add. Overall, I don’t feel like I have too many far-fetched dreams. I’m realistic that some will come quicker than others but I feel confident we can obtain everything on my list at some point!

So what would be on your dream board? 


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