My life through my cell phone

This week my “to-do” list included uploading 2500 pictures off my phone and onto my computer. Uploading 2500 pictures makes you realize there are a lot of photos that only I’ve seen. So in no particular order here is what we’ve been up to for the last year or so,lol.


This is Avery right after her 1st birthday playing at the mall. She loves to playImage

I absolutely love this picture of Avery. It’s amazing how blue her eyes beautifulImage

I learned I randomly like to do selfies of myself. This one is in our room of our hotel from Chad’s 2012 Christmas work party.Image


I also learned I am obsessed with taking pictures of Avery sleeping. She is such a cute sleeper, can you blame me?IImage

The relationship between Avery and Cooper is a special one and luckily I’ve been able to capture some of their sweet momentsImage

I love to take pictures of Avery and I together. Luckily she is so beautiful it doesn’t matter that I don’t always look my best lolImage

I could do a whole post of all the picture of her tongue sticking out. She still loves to stick her tongue out Image

The very first picture I took of Avery on my cell phone 



In 2013 Chad turned 30, and well It sucks. Just kidding.. This was one of the things I got him!Image

Better than pictres of Avery and I are pictures of Chad and Avery. These two are so cute together I love it.Image

Cooper loves the attention Avery gives him even if she is rough playing with himImage

All the dogs love Avery though and her is proof of that, lol


I love cacti and the Riparian Preserve is one of the best places to see cacti


Avery napping on her first birthday. It’s hard to believe she is just a few months away from her 2nd birthdayImage

One night I got Super motivated and organized all my pictures lol


Another selfie, its actually kind embarrassing that I randomly take pictures of myself lolImage

Chad and I at my friend Heather’s wedding in March of last year. I love this guyImage

Our photobooth picture. We are dorks but I wouldn’t have it any other way loll 


ONEOne day I decided to compare the size of Avery’s onesies. They were newborn, 6 month and 9 months. Crazy how quickly she grew.Image

Avery on the 4th of July. That bow looks huge on her but I think it was  the angle I took the pictureImage

On our way home from Vegas I saw the mystery machine in a random small town. Coolest vehicle I’ve seen in a whileImage

I love this picture so sweet


This picture was at the first meet up I had for my mom’s group. Avery and I arrived early and were waiting for the other moms to arriveImage

Avery is a bad ass baby with her flower tatoo lol.



Avery at 15 months with Chad. They are so sweet together, absolutely love themImage

I absolutely love this picture of Avery. She makes a tutu look good! lol           Image



20130814_180015 20130815_184456 20130816_095313 20130828_185808 One day I was sitting at a stop light by work and looked out my window and saw this random scene20130901_150642 20130912_200653My first 5 bottles of L’dara I started with in October.20131010_185534 20131011_181701 20131011_181749 20131013_122412 20131015_203351 Missouri in the fall. Absolutely beautiful. I miss the trees and water lol20131019_144027 20131019_144038 20131019_14414220131031_181756 I love this picture of Avery she looks so much older with this pose20131104_174142 20131108_174941 20131108_17555520131113_105506 20131119_065853 20131124_153010 20131124_154212 20131124_162502 20131124_170546 20131129_150928 20131129_160651 20131205_171613 After the 5k Color run I ran back in November20131207_102320 Avery’s 2013 Christmas list20131207_115600 The hot air balloon festival we went to in December20131214_181923 20131215_19391920131117_144150 20131225_130201 20131225_133302 20131225_212103 My new years baby who stayed up until midnight20131231_205518 20140101_17025320140104_142052 20140104_150027 20140107_203250 At the airport, waiting to leave Missouri to come back to AZ20140119_103033 20140119_103050 20140120_121300 20140120_155740 20140120_170839 20140120_182501 20140124_164255 20140125_121213


And that’s my life….


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