Avery’s Goals for 2015

Before I get into my resolutions let’s talk about Avery’s goals. First off, I’m not crazy type A person giving her goals. I partially created the list for my own amusement but there are some truths to the list.

So here is the full list of Avery’s goals for 2015


1. Stop using pacifiers– I honestly think this is going to be the hardest habit for her to kick. Pacifiers are like crack for babies which is going to be rough since she’s addicted. I spent the afternoon reading what I can do to help her kick the habit and unfortunately there is not a lot of good articles out there for kids her age who are trying to stop using pacifiers. Apparently, we should have stopped giving her pacifiers at a year old. It’s a curse since they are convenient and soothe her but I’m worried its going to jack her teeth up more than they are already going to be. I’ve told her about the pacifier fairy but she bawls when I bring it up..I have no idea how I’m going to be able to pry pacifiers from her sweet little mouth. My goal is to have her give them up by her birthday in April. Today I dipped it in vinegar and she was pissed for 10 seconds then got over it. Some articles said try Tabasco sauce but that seems cruel to burn their mouth.More to come if I figure out how to stop the pacifier usage.

2. Use the potty like a big kid– While Avery has no desire to currently potty train I think it will click for her one day and she will pick it up quickly. She is a smart kid but she’s stubborn which is the only reason she isn’t potty trained. I think if we didn’t have a hectic Summer with moving twice in three months we would have committed to potty training. By February she will be transitioned to preschool and I think seeing all the other kids potty trained will motivate her to learn. My goal is to start this in February and the goal is to definitely have her trained by her birthday.

3.Travel to new places- I want Avery to be adventurous and everything Chad and I weren’t as kids. I think taking her to do new things and visit new places will help. This Summer she will take her first trip to Oklahoma which will give her exposure to somewhere new. I’m going to try and figure a few additional places in Arizona for us to visit, even locally. Last night, she went to her first basketball game (another time, another blog) but I want this year to be fun for her!

4. Go to preschool– This is going to be the first item we can cross off her list. We’ve decided on a preschool and I’m going Monday to fill out the paperwork. She won’t be starting till the end of the January since we are going on vacation but hopefully we made the right decision. It’s bittersweet because she’s been at the same in-home daycare since she was 9 weeks old and she will be going from a small setting where she is the center of attention to a large school setting. It makes me nervous, scared, and excited for her. I know I am going to cry the first day she is dropped off and worry about her all day. I’m so terrified kids will pick on her since she’s new or she won’t socialize with other kids. I’m sure these are natural concerns, right? I can’t believe she is almost three years old. 😦

5. Learn a new skill– Avery would love to learn some new skill this year. We will wait till she verbally tells us one but its only a matter of time before she vocalizes her skill of choice.

6. Convince daddy I need a little brother or sister– When Chad and I got married we agreed on one spoiled child. At the time we were newly married and kids weren’t on my radar. Let’s fast forward to today and I think Avery needs a sibling. Sure she’s perfect and that’s Chad’s argument to only have one kid. However, I think having a sibling is a special bond you have especially growing up with someone close to your age. You have a built in best friend when your younger and hopefully when your older as well. I want Avery to have someone else she can bitch about Chad and I too. It’s never the same when friends or family are over. No one ever sees the crazy side of your parents. For selfish reasons I want another baby too. I mean they are so young and tiny for a short period of time. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy Avery as a baby but I wanted her to grow and start doing more kid like things than just laying around. I want to have another baby and enjoy them eating, sleeping and pooping.  Plus, more than anything I want pictures of Avery with a sibling. Nothing is more adorable than two cute kids in a picture together. Maybe this situation would be different if Avery had cousins that lived nearby but she doesn’t. Since Chad isn’t on board I’m sure this dream is crushed for me but maybe if Avery gets hyped up about another kid in the house she can use her charm to convince Chad another baby is what this house needs…in like another year or two. This is a goal that will never be crossed off the list but a girl can hope, right?

Anyways, so those are the goals for little Miss Avery for 2015. Am I the only crazy parent who gave their 2 and 1/2 year old goals to work on? lol


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