Potty Training Sucks!

Well there is a lot I want to share about and what we’ve been up to but today I am going to discuss the joys of potty training. First off, there are aspects of parenthood that disgust me and potty training is one of them. It’s been anything but an easy process for us which has been unfortunate. Every time I think she’s finally nailed it we go two steps back. Today we took about 10 steps back. “A” was minding her own business coloring when suddenly she says “I pooped” and sure enough she did poop in her panties. As I was changing her she continued to poop and it went everywhere. My natural instinct was to hose her down in the shower. LOL. I keep reminding myself she isn’t going to be 20 and still pooping her pants, at least I hope not. However, days like today are exhausting and make me feel like a failure. If I can’t properly potty train her how can I possibly tackle larger issues in her life as she gets older? I know all kids develop differently but this is one developmental milestone I’m ready to be done with so disasters like today are just a funny memory. It’s never a dull moment when you’re a mom!

In better news, “A” has been off pacifiers since January! YAY!!!

Another day I’ll have to share our busy 2015!


2 thoughts on “Potty Training Sucks!

  1. I’m trying to potty train my two year old! Oh my goodness I got so frustrated when she sat on the toilet for 15 minutes then immediately after she got off… She peed all over the floor! Almost there!

    • I can totally relate! We have peeing down but pooping is a whole other story. I told her about the poop fairy, hoping a fairy would motivate her..no such luck..I can’t count the amount of times I’ve gotten poop all over me. Motherhood can be gross! lol. I hope your daughter get the peeing down soon!!!

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