The year is flying by….

This year has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already the end of May! I hate to quickly recap everything we’ve done this year because we’ve done some pretty amazing things but due to time that’s exactly what’s about to here we go!

January: Kicked off with a fun New Years with friends. I love the friends we’ve made these past couple of years and feel incredibly lucky for the people in our life. January was a turning point in “A’s” life. We tranistiioned her from an In-home daycare to a preschool. I was nervous to make the transition but it was the best thing we could have done for her. I worried that she would be picked on since she was the new kid but it’s been the opposite and she’s adjusted amazing. With the transition we also decided to take away pacifiers. The first few nights were rough but she’s been going strong off the pacifier for months now. I didn’t think the day would come but thankfuly it has! Also, with starting preschool “A” is now 85% potty trained. She mostly has peeing down and maybe has an accident once or twice a week. However, pooping is another situation. One day she will get it.

February: We spent February celebrating Chad’s 32nd birthday. Chad’s latest addiction is MLS soccer so we went to Tucson to see his team, Sporting Kansas City play in the preseason. In all of the years of living here we hadn’t spent much time in Tucson. I was plesantly surprised by how much I liked the downtown scene. It was very hipster and while I wouldn’t use that phrase to describe myself I kinda dig their scene. Anyways, prior to the soccer game we went to the Tucson zoo and while the zoo was tiny it had one animal that made the trip worth it to me, a baby elephant!!! I’ve never seen a baby elephant in person but it was by far the cutest thing ever! The soccer game was fun as well and overall it was a nice time in Tucson.

March: We went to Sedona. This is another place that we hadn’t visited since living here. People are always surprised when they find out I have never been since it’s right up my alley. To say Sedona is gorgeous is an understatement, it was incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, the trip was a disaster and made me doubt travelling with kids. “A” was awful the whole day. There was nothing relaxing about the trip except the drive home when she fell asleep. lol.

April: What a busy month April was. It started with an impromptu trip to San Diego for Easter and my nephews birthday. I decided to drive to California with just “A” and I. I was nervous especially since we hadn’t had much luck with driving to Tucson and Sedona. Doubling the road trip terrified me but I strategized my trip. We drove to California after school and her teachers didn’t allow her to nap which really helped. She was close to perfect on the trip to San Diego I did something similar on the way home and completely exhausted her before we left. Overall, the trip was good. We went to the San Diego zoo but unfortuntely “A” had an ear infection and slept almost the entire zoo trip. I was bummed since she was excited to go to the zoo. Thankfully, the next day she felt better. We went to an easter event at the lakes where I grew up which was a lot of fun and then to my nephews birthday down at the beach. Sunday was Easter and we were able to spend it with family before we left. I’m appreciative that we are 5 hours away from all my family but the struggle is always I wish we were closer! It sucks that Avery doesn’t have cousins here. I’m thankful she does have some family though but she absolutely loves her cousins which broke my heart when it was time to leave. Luckily, we had plans to see them again in Vegas for “A’s” third birthday. So yes, my child is already hitting the Vegas scene to spend her birthday. My mom had a timeshare and it was a lot of fun to be with my family on vacation! We had a lot of fun and while I always said I’d never be the parent that takes their kid to Vegas there is a ton to do with them. Maybe one day i’ll make a list for others.I love that we are able to travel so much even if it’s within the state. The following weekend we had a Star Wars themed party for her which was so much fun! I really cannot believe I have a three year old on my hands. They say time flies with a kid and that’s no joke!

May: Well this is the first month we haven’t traveled anywhere! Since April was exhausting I’ve literally needed the whole month of May to recover lol. Unfortunately, we are starting to get super hot here which mean I’m about to go into hibernation for the Summer. Nothing super exciting happened this month except a few birthday parties we went to! Oh and Mother’s day, almost forgot! My mother’s day was great. It kicked off on Friday, with a tea party with “A” at her school. Saturday we went to the Phoenix Zoo which was a lot of fun and perfect weather. Mother’s day was low key we went to dinner to celebrate!

All in all, this year has been great! “A” is so fun to be around but she is a sassy one. In a few weeks, we take our huge family vacation to the Midwest. We are flying to Dallas,then driving the Oklahoma for a wedding, and then driving to Missouri to spend a week with our family and friends. I’m excited but nervous since we haven’t flown with Avery in a year and a half and we are doing some long road trips with her to get everywhere. Fingers crossed she does excellent! And really probably the only thing anyone who reads this cares about, pictures!!!!

















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