Midwest Vacation Part I

With Summer in full swing I hibernate because it’s so dang hot here! I really hate the Arizona heat and now debate which is worse, Arizona Summers or Missouri Winters? It’s something to ponder on because I don’t have the answer.

However, I’ve spent the past seven years trying to determine which is worse a “dry heat” or “Humidity?” For the record, a dry heat is worse because it never cools down in the Summer unless it rains which is rare and is usually followed by humidity. I’d rather deal with awful humidity during the day and have a cool Summer night. What are your thoughts? lol

Which leads me to the whole point of my post, our family vacation.

In my last post I rambled on about our year. Now that it’s hot I don’t do much of anything so I have more time to blog about our boring life, yay!

We recently went on a 9 day vacation, which was awesome and needed. Our vacation was packed with exciting cites, state hopping, and tons of driving! So without anymore suspense here’s a recap of our trip

Day 1: We left the hot Arizona weather to travel to Dallas, Texas. Our flight left early and we were exhausted. The real question was “How would “A” do on a plane?” and “Would we survive this trip?”

“A” was super excited to fly which was awesome because she did fantastic on the flight which was a relief. We landed in Dallas and I won’t lie I was slightly nervous since Texas and Oklahoma had been experiencing flooding days leading up to our trip. I was getting alerts about Interstates being closed due to flooding and had built a Armageddon type scenario in my head of the type of journey we were getting into. Thankfully, it was anticlimactic and we didn’t experience any of the flooding with the exception of a portion of an interstate that was rerouted due to flooding. We basically flew into Dallas to get to our location, Norman Oklahoma. Why? For a wedding. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time in Dallas but we had time to grab lunch at a local eatery and sit in traffic for a really long time. Seriously, what is up with the traffic? The flights was good but could our sweet threenager handle a car ride? Turns out she can and she was an angel. We arrived to Oklahoma with 20 minutes to spare until the rehearsal for the wedding which Chad was the best man for. “A” had a blast and made friends with the brides niece and nephew.

Day 2:

Chad had groomsman duties so “A” and I had the day to ourselves. What does one do in Oklahoma City? That was the $10.00 question I asked myself.  Most people suggested visiting the Oklahoma Bombing memorial which seemed depressing. Instead we opted for the Oklahoma City zoo. Day two of our trip and the humidity was in full effect and it was HOT out! However, I dealt with it because the zoo was awesome. Is it the San Diego zoo? No, but it was cool in its own way. For instance, they had a ton of baby animals like a baby elephant! First off, its rare to see baby elephants in captivity so the fact I’ve seen two this year is incredible and adorable and I want one! lol. The zoo was cool though and it was on a river which was enjoyable. I highly recommend the OKC zoo. Oh and a fun fact about Oklahoma City is every Saturday at noon they test the tornado sirens. We were at the elephant exibit when the sirens went off. I had no clue what the sound was and since all the elephants were walking in the same direction I thought it was a sound for feeding time. After a minute, I asked a lady with no teeth what the sound was and learned its the sirens. It then became apparent that we weren’t from Oklahoma. haha

The wedding was gorgeous and the humidity wore off as the night progressed. One of the happier moments for me in life is seeing people close to me who I love and adore find love and happiness and being able to celebrate with them. While this is Chad’s best friend who got married we were all friends in college and him and I were super close for years. I have tons of memories with him and always wanted the best for him. The wedding was perfect and a ton of fun. I absolutely adored the brides family and wanted to somehow become an adopted family member, that’s weird to say, right? I mean it is but that is truly how I felt. I think I verbally expressed it at one point so its not really a secret. lol. I loved how casual the wedding was and it made me sad we moved before they started dating and hadn’t been around for their relationship.I’m so glad they are happy and it seems like they have awesome friends and family to be there for them through the joys of marriage and life. Also, they had the most amazing food truck at the wedding and I had the most flavorful tacos of my life. It was one of the best weddings I’ve attended and I wasn’t expecting to feel that way since I didn’t know anyone besides the bride and groom prior to the rehearsal.

Day 3:

Before we left town we attended a brunch honoring the bride and groom which was fun and the pastries were delish. It was sad to say goodbye. I had fun in Oklahoma and everyone was friendly and welcoming hence why I wanted to become an honorary family member.I’m weird and creepy, I know! Hopefully, we will get to see our friends more often and maybe one day venture back to tornado alley and visit them again. lol. Our second journey began which was to Missouri. On our drive we had one interesting story which is “A” needed to go to the bathroom while we were on a turnpike. Those not familiar with turnpikes, basically there is nowhere to turn off so there we were on the side of the road trying to get “A” to squat and pee. It didn’t happen but we were appreciative of her efforts. The drive otherwise was uneventful and we stayed the night with our friends in Joplin which was fun. They have three kids and watching Avery play with the kids was fun and it was great catching up with our friends. That night we tried to catch lightening bugs and I realized we don’t have those in Arizona. Summer nights in Missouri are the best. Sure you get bit by mosquitos but the weather is awesome, the sun doesn’t set till like 9:30 and the midwest summer nights remind me of my childhood in Missouri.

Day 4:

We left our friends and went to Springfield where we went to college. We ate lunch at Chad’s favorite pizza place and I learned about the cutest tea shop. I probably sounded like an idiot when I asked them if they recently opened and they proceeded to tell me they’ve been around for 11 years. I instantly felt dumb but they were really nice. It made me sad I never got to enjoy this cute little mom and pop shop while I lived there. We then took “A” to our College to show her our roots and it was fun walking the campus again. Hopefully she aims higher than we did for college but as long as she goes I won’t be mad. lol.

After, we made another journey to Chad’s hometown which is Sedalia, aka a place I’d never ever ever consider living. LOL. Well first we actually went and visited Chad’s grandpa and Aunt who live on a farm. It was a ton of fun but the best part was the baby pigs. I could have taken them all home with me they were so cute. Also, I think I’m meant for farm living. While I would need someone to tend to the animals I love the idea of having cows, goats, and pigs and a huge garden. Chad probably thinks I’m crazy after reading this statement. “Hi Chad”

Day 5:

We “explored” Chad’s hometown which didn’t take long lol. Although, one thing I love about the Midwest and can even appreciate about Sedalia is how cute the downtown scene is. Maybe its old and I don’t understand how the random businesses survive but I can appreciate the character of the town and how everything isn’t the same. I like it and I’m sad Arizona buildings are all the same  After touring Sedalia we visited Chad’s great grandma and “A’s” great great grandma. How amazing is that? I absolutely love the fact that Chad’s great grandma is still alive. Maybe “A” won’t remember her but pictures are priceless and I’m glad we get to make the trip yearly to visit our family.

Well this is long so I guess I’ll break this up into two posts. I mean this recap is really for me to remember years down the road because I’m pretty sure everyone else gave up reading after day 1 lol


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