An amazing little lady…

I feel like aspects of “A” turning three have been frustrating. She’s full of attitude and kind of a jerk at times. I’m probably a horrible parent for calling their kid a jerk but it’s true and I can’t pretend it’s always sunshine and lollipops at my house.  I can’t count how many times she’s told me I’m no longer her best friend and that she hates me. Where do kids learn to be so hateful? I’ve asked if she knows what it means to hate someone and she says no. I hear it so often I sometimes start to wonder if I’m as bad as she says. I know for a fact I’m not mom of the year but I do know I’m a good mom who loves their daughter. So it threw me off when she told I was ruining her life. To say I have a dramatic child is the understatement of the year. I couldn’t imagine what other crazy curveballs she would throw my way and then the past few days she’s restored my faith as a parent and reminded me that I have a sweet and loving girl behind the sassy threenager. Last night, she told me she wanted to clean her playroom which in itself was shocking since I’m the one constantly cleaning it. After she was done she was proud of herself and I was proud of her too! I told her “I’m so proud of you for cleaning your room all by yourself. You’re growing up and are becoming a big girl and are no longer my little baby.” She immediately stops me and says”I’m always going to be your little baby.” and then she hugged and kissed me, I mean let’s cue sappy hallmark commercial music because I instantly cried.

Whenever I tell her she is growing up she always says “I’m going to grow up and you will be sad and daddy will be happy.” She nailed it. I miss my little lady being tiny. It breaks my heart because I can barely carry her anymore. She will probably be my only kid and and seeing her grow up is amazing but knowing her time of being dependent on me is quickly dwindling and its sad. It’s exciting for her and I’m so excited to see her continue growing up into a beautiful young lady but I miss her being tiny. I realized tonight she has stopped playing with her eyelashes when she is tired. This is something she started doing as a baby. Something as tiny as that has me heartbroken. I’m quickly loosing my baby and while it’s a good thing I can still be sad by how quickly it’s happening, right???

Okay, just to end on a happier note she’s taken up drawing and it pretty good for a child learning to draw. Her people may be kinda creepy since they are floating heads with  huge eyes but I’m so incredibly proud of her and by how smart and creative she is. I thought I had a picture but I took all her people pictures to work.  Anyways, next time I’ll have to post one. I absolutely love this age minus the sass. Kids are learning so much and mine is constantly blowing my mind with the information she tells me, to her writing and tracing skills. She is one amazing little lady…


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