Father’s Day 2013!!!

These past few months have felt non-stop. I feel like I have a ton to catch up on. Thankfully not months worth of happenings. I’ll back track to our trip to San Diego/Fathers Day weekend.

First off, what do you get the guy in your life who can buy whatever he wants, whenever he wants? The aged old question I struggle to answer. Thankfully, Chad’s new found love of golf has finally made that question a little easier for me. I decided on a golf theme for father’s day. Who knows if his love for golf will stay but if it doesn’t we have something to remember this short lived phase.

When looking at my options I knew I wanted Avery involved. Last year I did this for Chad


While it turned out adorable I wanted something different for Chad’s second year as a dad. As I searched the internet I couldn’t find anything i wanted to make. However, I saw glimpses of different ideas that I combined into one “interesting” father’s day present. I can assure you this is a one of a kind present. As I was making this project I couldn’t stop laughing. At some point I thought about quitting because this present made absolutely no sense. I feared Chad would be like…”why did you waste your time with this.” I was actually a little nervous for him to open the present since I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction it would get. 

I’m sure you’re on pins and needles wondering what I made Chad…well, are you really? lol.


So yeah…I’d like to call it a hot mess but I think it’s cute and Chad appreciated my efforts. It makes me laugh. So you’re probably wondering what part Avery helped with. Obviously the picture and then she colored the golf ball. 

About the picture. Originally my idea was to have Avery just wear one of Chad’s work shirts and I’d put on the picture “I want to be just like daddy when I grow up.”  However, the more I thought about it I wasn’t sure if it made sense for a girl. So I found a golf themed idea that said “You’re a Tee-rific dad” 

I would say this photo shoot did not turn out as good as I’d hoped. By the time I started this project Avery was hardcore teething and cranky. After about 30 seconds she was over wearing Chad’s clothes. None of the pictures really turned out good enough for my liking. 

I also wish I had done the writing in a larger font and maybe in a different color. Considering I winged it I think it could have turned out worse. Here are a few blooper pics that did not make the cut


 Since I had extra golf tee’s and balls I decided to make this





Overall, I think Chad liked it all! 

We spent father’s day weekend in California. It was a lovely time. Here are some additional  pictures from the trip that I haven’t shared.

We went to the Diamondbacks VS Padres game


The Diamondbacks lost,,,my “what the heck” look Image

Displaying my inner child and rolling down a hillImage

Chad and I at Petco Park     ImageImage

Overall a great trip. I also missed two pre-school graduations by days so I brought presents. I can’t imagine what a hot mess I will be the day Avery enters kindergarten. I sometimes want to cry if i think about it. I knew I wanted to do something special for both boys for graduating. I got them both what I call “preparing for school” gifts. Here’s a few pictures of that 



That’s about it for now! 


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